Wednesday 21 May 2014


“Lovers are not snails; they don't have to protrude from their shells and meet each other halfway. Meet me within your own self.” (Jerzy Kosinski, born with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Pisces, Polish author)

The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon in Pisces from 12:18 GMT, 21 May 2014 to 16:01, 23 May 2014.

Gemini and Pisces combined operate as bridges between ordinary and non-ordinary communication, between the separared reality of the ego and the multidimensional nature of our being.  

This configuration magnifies the shape-shifting nature of the multidimensional realms, as well as the limitation of ordinary human awareness. In higher dimensions, external forms can potentially be changed at will, just as human beings can choose to wear different clothes. Certain physical forms or bodies may be used for longer time then others, depending on circumstances or assignments, just as some human beings (militaries, priests, etc.) tend to wear special clothing in order to identify their role. Yet, they are just clothes, and at a certain stage they can be changed.

Our human communication tend to be based on the roles we play. There is the way we communicate when we are at work, with family or in love. Gemini and Pisces combined encourage us to be aware of a higher definition of our roles. This can allow us to interact at a much deeper and expanded level, especially when we are with people with whom we intend to have authentic and significant relationships.

Deep communication with others is not about sharing intimate details of our private life, unveiling what we already know about ourselves. Deep communication involves openening the doors of our inner world, allowing the emergence of what is unknown to us.

“There's a place beyond words where experience first occurs to which I always want to return. I suspect that whenever I articulate my thoughts or translate my impulses into words, I am betraying the real thoughts and impulses which remain hidden.” (Jerzy Kosinski, born with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Pisces, Polish author)

Image: by Raoul Dufy, born with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Pisces, French painter.

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