Thursday 20 March 2014

Spring Dance

With the Spring Equinox a new annual astrological cycle begins, another round of dances through life. In the Northern hemisphere these are days abundant with energy, which urge us to take action and move. Before being passionately or reluctanty drawn into the dance of life again, perhaps we can ask ourselves for a moment what is the point of all this. 

Are we moving through life according to the first beat we hear? Or we can't hear any beat and we simply imitate the movement of others for we don't know what else could we do? Or, on the contrary, we are we moving differently on purpose, so as not to be like others?

Aries provides copious energy, the emergence of clear consciousness, the opportunity to be straighforward and honest with ourselves and the world. This brings the courage to take resolute decisions. Here we can decide what kind of dance we choose to dance in life. It does not matter what kind of dance it is, alone, together with someone or others... What counts is being aware of our choice.

Image: by Sir Edward John Poynter, born 20 March 1836

© Franco Santoro,

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