Friday 20 September 2013

Autumn Equinox

Proserpine by G.Rossetti
Autumn is traditionally related to the direction West, transformation and death, as in the English expression “to go west” (to die). It is the season of sunset and hence of darkness. 

In Autumn the Roman goddess Proserpine begins the descent into the underworld, where she will stay until Spring.

It is the moment in which the world or the environment that has been familiar, gradually fades away until it eventually disappears. The luminosity and heat of summer begins to dissolve, giving way to the time of increasing darkness.  

This is a most intense moment of the yearly journey. It is the opportunity to relinquish our worn-out clothes and welcome the novel garments adapted for upcoming enterprises. Here we have the opportunity to release our previous conventional identification and step into a more advanced identity. 

It is an initiatory death often known as the Way of the Spiritual Warrior, or shamanic deathBy cultivating introspection and connecting with our deeper multidimensional self, we can withdraw from the fears generated by the belief in separation and gather the love and support which we need to advance along the path of transformation. 

Being aware of, and accepting, the strategy of initiatory death, and the rebirth that follows as a natural development, makes it easier to accelerate profound mutations without activating the fiction of suffering pain or loss. 

The leading challenge in autumn is to learn to die well to what no longer serves and be open to receive what truly supports our true intention and purpose in life.
Relevant questions here are: “what is there in my life that wants or needs to die? What ways of being in the world do not serve my current Intent and all that I am discovering through my inner work? What no longer serves me, my loving companions, the community where I live, the planet and the universe?”

When we see the world solely through the perspective of our personal identity or the culture we apparently belong to, we let the invention of our personal or collective ego rule as the centre of the universe rather than allowing our true self to be at the centre. 

Autumn is a rather controversial zone which can cause major confusion, if we lose track of our relationship with our true self and get entangled in the thought system of the personal or collective ego. 

Our true purpose in life is served through the release of our forlorn fidelity to pain and the readiness to probe other modalities of existing in the universe. 

We need to become aware of your role as channel and meeting place for energies of multiple realities and worlds. 

We need to comprehend that in each single moment we have the opportunity to elect whether to support unity or separation, and that this choice involves being aware of the nature of our conflicting thoughts. 

Autumn is a time of steady retraction where changes are experienced in the nature of social relationships as well as in dreams, shamanic journeys and connections with alternative worlds. 

In order to receive something new and promote healing harmony, we are asked to relinquish what is old and no longer needed, what causes grievances and conflict. This is the blessing of this season.

Please join us in celebrating the Autumn Equinox on 22 September 2013, click here for information on our worldwide meditation. Exact Equinox is at 20:44 GMT, on 22 September 2013.

I wish you a very happy Autumn season.

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