Wednesday 11 April 2012

Healing Together

Healing takes time, and its duration cannot be controlled.

Some people are angry with us, or we are angry with them.

Some people leave us, or we leave them.

All this hurts, and takes time to heal.

We don't have power over the amount of time it takes to heal all these grievances.

Yet, no matter how powerless we are over the time it takes to heal, 

we do have all the power that truly matters.

And this is the power to say YES to Healing.

This is the greatest power possible, 
for when we say YES to healing, 
time disappears. 

And then there is only the YES, 
which is the power of choice to heal.

Time is always filled with grievances, 
because through time people come and go from our life, 
and we come and go from theirs.

When time ends, 
Healing begins.

And time can end now, 
if you say YES to Healing.

And if you say YES to Healing, 
you are with everyone and everyone is with you, 
unconditionally, right now, and forever. 

Hence, I do say YES to Healing, 
and, if you wish,
you can also join me,
for I love to Heal with you.

(Franco Santoro)

© Franco Santoro, Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, Forres IV36

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