Friday 27 January 2012

Astroshamanic Healing Touch & Multidimensional First Aid

Astroshamanic Healing Touch is a multidimensional bodywork application of astroshamanism aimed at exploring the human spontaneous energies of ecstasy and empowerment, uncovering and directing their healing potentials with integrity and clarity of intention.

Participants are initiated into basic and advanced elements of Astroshamanic Healing Touch, including the use of physical contact to foster expanded states of consciousness, retrieve soul parts, reawaken healing talents and allow these to manifest and integrate in everyday life. 

They will also explore ways to connect with multidimensional deeper parts of themselves, receiving guidance and sense of purpose. The aim is to reawaken and operate our multidimensional body, also in times of emergency, which we identify as a Multidimensional First Aid.

Participants will learn ways to release blocks hindering their potentials, channelling profound passions, while transforming and merging them in accordance with their current intentions. 

The physical body is a dynamic sexual vortex continually relating with a multidimensional field of energy. Yet what we humanly perceive about the body is mainly the product of belief systems based on separation and the denial of our holistic nature. When we are open to release these belief systems and forms of conditioning, new and much more exciting configurations emerge. Once these are consciously and pragmatically experienced, they can be gradually integrated into everyday reality, healing the fragmented self and reconnecting it to its original source. 

Through the sensitive and empowering use trance bodywork and ritual strokes, contact and postures, we work on the multidimensional sexual body, reawakening the remembrance of our original nature and purpose.

All physical touch in our workshops is voluntary and optional, with boundaries set according to what is safe for each participant. 

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