Friday 16 December 2011

Winter Solstice

Entrance To The Sacred Tree (Industrial Forest)
As the Sun enters Capricorn on 22 December 2011 at 5:30 GMT, we face the peak of our being, reaching the top of the inner trees and contemplating the longest nights, the peak of obscurity. 

The Winter Solstice is the doorway into winter and the North. 

It is a time of slowing down, when we have the opportunity to withdraw in the inner world, embracing the highest dreams and aspirations. 

Here we can easily come to a deeper understanding of life, giving up outworn patterns, becoming receptive to wide visions, setting honourable intentions in preparation for upcoming luminous enterprises. 

Winter is also a major time of healing connection between the visible and the unseen, body and spirit. The power of this season involves including all aspects of life and death, reaching a climax in our perspective and awareness.

It is a time when we can rise above the limitations of our narrow perception, releasing our soul from her rusty chains, letting her unleash her wings and soar to her original abode of love, freedom and unity. 

This Winter Solstice is also the gateway into the long awaited 2012. See:

The holiday season can be the golden opportunity for definitely ceasing to delay ourselves and accepting a resolute Nativity of our true uncontaminated nature. 

Let’s open our heart and mind to the beauty and bliss that resides beyond the grim veils of the separated world, creating a glorious Christmas bridge of reunification of our fragmented self. 
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