Friday 25 November 2011

Multidimensional Gateway

Alex Grey, Collective Vision

A Multidimensional Gateway is a setting through which multidimensional beings can pass in order to immediately access locations far away in time or space. 

Sagittarius is often regarded as the multidimensional gateway between ordinary third-dimensional reality and higher dimensions, the portal to the centre of our galaxy, the access point where beings from other dimensions, star systems and parallel universes slide or incarnate into third-dimensional reality. 

In previous times this gateway was the axis Capricorn-Cancer, which still formally is. 

Yet, due to the precession of the equinox, this point has shifted to Sagittarius-Gemini, with the Gate of Capricorn now being located between the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpio. 

This is acknowledged as the Galactic Centre, where scientists are aware of a mysterious black hole. 

This is esoterically regarded as the portal to higher dimensions, i.e. the birth canal leading to the Lower World, rather than, as it is often advertised, to Heaven.

Sagittarius is considered as the stellar womb from which the current separated reality was conceived and born. 

Hence, when the Sun transits Sagittarius there is potential for conceiving and giving birth to alternative configurations, especially to those with deep Scorpio issues. 

If you wish to browse around and be further confused, there is now ample literature on the topic, yet you may risk missing the Sagittarius darting energy aiming herewith at a precise target.

And this target may be what your intention is, right now, what in this moment you choose to create and accept in your mind as the best possible dimension you can can conceive for yourself and others, without any limit regarding what gives you joy, peace and any quality you value.

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