Friday 25 November 2011

Galactic Centre

Centre of the universe by computerinkt

As the gross composting process of Scorpio reaches its climax with a glorious New Moon, the sacred manure moves into a refined stage as the Sun and Moon transit in Sagittarius. 
Here the arcane secrets of transmutation are all set to shine in the limelight, stirring a wider understanding of the mysteries of life, sex and death.
The Sagittarian arrow glides into the murky firmament, depicting an iridescent trail of blessings. Forth it moves in its unquenchable quest for the multidimensional gateway, the celestial vulva, the climax of all ecstatic desires and pleasure, innocently delivering its most precious gift: HOPE.
Sagittarius is traditionally considered the multidimensional gateway between truth and illusion, unity and separation, the third dimension and the multidimensional realms, the human arbitrary configuration and what is beyond. 
Sagittarius is also the abode of the Galactic Centre, the portal through which multidimensional beings from parallel universes slide, the stellar womb from which both the virtual reality of separation and the redeeming Holy Spirit force of the original unity were conceived and born.

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