Tuesday 8 November 2011

Grievances Food Appeal

Hi! I am Cone 8.2.7, also known as "Cone Tortello", vice-president of Devourers of Grievances United.

In our multidimensional land of Pahai, abiding in the void around you, which is alas unseen to your limited eyes, we are facing a major food crisis and are currently very close to starvation.

We  appeal to you humans and related relief agencies to join hands in solidarity to ensure that we can receive food donations and support, which as I will shortly explain below is also in your best interest.

We are fourth and fifth-dimensional beings, and as such our diet is based on emotional and mental food.

A most essential part of our nutrition, roughly corresponding to your proteins, consists of emotional and mental grievances, such as fear, anger, depression, pain, lust, sorrow, confusion, etc.

We  are aware that you hold the above in vast amounts, while here everything is damned positive and luminous, and there is no trace of grievances.

Please let go of your grievances and donate them to us!

We understand that you are very attached to your grievances, yet if you can only be a bit generous and donate some of them, this can save us.

We adore grievances and, as for me I particularly like those related with what you call "love relationships", especially the anger and sorrow which occurs when someone abandons you or when you feel that someone has treated you unfailrly, and also the other way around.

If you offer us your grievances, we will be most grateful and as a sign of our gratitude we can provide very good emotions and thoughts, which we have in abundance.

Grievances donations can be channeled through our outstations and centres, including our Grievances Release Zone (http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=44471338710&topic=16352).

The simple act of posting a short description of your grievancesin in this this zone will allow us to receive your donation.

You can release any grievance, as long as you do not mention the names of people, groups or organisations involved, and also avoid taboo words.

Best regards,
Cone Tortello

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