Tuesday 22 November 2011

Bright Side

Today, 22 November 2011, at 16:07 GMT, the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius.

The guidance below applies perfectly to the occasion:

"Always see the bright side of life. Expect only the very best to come about, and see it do so. Never blame anyone else for the negative state you are in. You are your own master; it is up to you to reverse the picture and see what is on the other side. If you choose to see the gloomy side of life, do not expect to draw to you those souls who know the joy of true freedom, for like attracts like; you will draw to you only those souls who are in the same state. When you are on top of the world and live it flowing freely from you, you will draw all, for everyone enjoys a joyful soul. Learn to lift a person or a situation, and never allow yourself to be dragged down into the depths of despair by anyone else's attitude. You are here to create peace, harmony, beauty and perfection, all the very best in life, so get on and do something about it!"
(Eileen Caddy, 
Findhorn Press)

And the article on the New Moon in Sagittarius on 25 November 2011 at: 

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