Friday 4 November 2011

As a matter of fact I can't help helping you

The Seeker reached the underground basement, the most profound part of the palace.

He sat holding his wand.

Suddenly he saw the whole world falling apart.

He felt an unmentionable fear and pain.

Then the Spirit Keeper of the World came, hiding Its face with a conic hood.

The Seeker asked It to stop causing all this pain and disgrace.

He challenged It to unveil Its face and secrets.

The Spirit Keeper of the World didn’t expect the challenge.

“I am a god who acts out of fear.” It admitted.

“I tried to scare you because I am afraid of you.”  It added.

Then rather hesitantly, It said:

“Well, to be honest I have made a big mess,

and I need some help.”

The seeker invited the Spirit Keeper to ask for help in a direct way and in that very moment.

The Spirit paused for a while, then It said:

“Yes, I do ask for your help!”.

“As a matter of fact I can't help helping You” the Seeker replied,

and so the relationship started...

© Franco Santoro,

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