Thursday 13 October 2011

Guidance: True Communication (7.3)

Guidance includes the partial description of journeys, practices and other shamanic experiences related to the current seasonal and lunar cycle. The messages found here constitute a short anthology of my early voyages, which do not necessarily coincide with my current experience and understanding. I offer them trusting that they can help triggering your own visions and insights. 

 The following is guidance I received in October 1996 with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Gemini (7.3).

True communication is always related with the retrieval of the communication with your Spirit Guide, or Core Multidimensional Identity
The Intent in Sector 3 [1] is to activate all types of communication through the Guide, releasing the perception based on separation and all related decoys. 
Whenever you meet someone or something, physically, and also only through your emotions or thoughts, be aware that the Guide is with you.
You are always communicating with the Guide, for the Guide is the emanation of Who you truly are. 
Whatever happens to you, by chance or on purpose, is always a meeting with the Guide, an encounter with the Truth about you.

Remember to be aware of this at all times, and when you forget, remember again. Do whatever is required so as to be aware of what is truly happening. 
Use the memory of your previous experiences of connection with the Guide, no matter how pale they seem to be, and any sacred tools or intuition you have received. 
Allow your Guide to be there with you whatever you do and wherever you go.
Be unconcerned about the grievances you experience in life. What counts is that you are with the Guide, and this is what you acknowledge. This applies to all circumstances. Nothing and nobody is excluded!
Remember this, especially when you desperately try to receive answers from the Guide. Your task in Sector 3 is to establish communication with the Guide through whoever and whatever you experience in your life. 
This is the challenge. Let your Guide be present and be open to this presence. Allow your presence and communication to be enveloped by the Guide and see what happens. 
It is a splendid game and there is fun between you and your Guide.
You develop the trust in an eternal communication expressing through infinite ways. 
Release your attachment to words, concepts and explanations. They are useless. They only lead to ways of communicating based on grievances and the related manipulation. 
Have the courage to take a leap and let go of ways which only cause pain and separation. 
Enter the silence of the presence of the Guide and wait with trust. Sector 3 will deal with it, establishing the links. 
You hold the essence of the Intent and the trust in sacred communication.”

 [1] Sector 3 is one of the 12 sectors which in astroshamanism strategically define the spectrum of our multidimensional identity.

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