Sunday 9 October 2011

Guidance: Sacred Relationships

Guidance is a new column including the partial description of journeys, practices and other shamanic experiences related to the current seasonal cycle. These guidances constitute a short anthology of my early voyages, which do not necessarily coincide with my current experience and understanding. I offer them trusting that they can help triggering your own visions and insights.

by Nicholas Roerich (born 9 October 1874, Sun/Moon in Libra)

 On Sacred Relationships (Voyage in Libra): 

Together with my Spirit Guide, I move to Sector 7 (Libra) to receive guidance about Sacred Relationships. 

To the Totem Spirit of this sector, I ask how I can create a Sacred Relationship. 

I am pervaded by a sphere of pink light. From its centre the following answer reaches me: 

“A sacred relationship is not a relationship between two partners. It is a relationship that involves three parties. In contrast to special relationships, which consider only two polarities, a sacred relationship opens up to the conscious presence and active participation of the third pole. It is indeed the latter that keeps the relationship together. 

A sacred relationship starts when, as a mutual agreement, the third pole is invited. It is a process of initiation that requires careful and patient work. 

A sacred relationship is undisturbed by time and space. It dwells in the eternal present and continues also when the partner is far away or is not in the physical reality anymore. The relationship goes on forever. 

Remember! Whenever you meet somebody in your thoughts, dreams or imagination, that is an actual meeting. Cease giving so much importance to physical forms. In a sacred relationship the connection at an emotional, mental and spiritual level is as real as that at a physical level. 

Employ the flow of subtle energy. Do not condense it, nor separate it. It is the way of Sector 7, that of the harmonic and balanced flow of love. Surrender to the beauty and charm of this sector. 

Produce thoughts related to this energy and use the following practice: send out messages of love without saying anything, use the silence of your heart to talk, do not waste its energy through words or facial expressions. 

Avoid the display of your feelings, let them be a secret of love between you and me. And see what happens...”

Excerpts from Franco Santoro, Astroshamanism, Book One

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