Monday 8 August 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius - 13 August 2011

Glyph for this Full Moon
For ages conflicts between polarities have been the major cause of affliction and humiliation. As we move into a planetary path of spiritual reawakening it is vital to acknowledge the wounds produced by gender separation, strenuously promoting ways to heal them so as to retrieve our original unity.

In this respect, considerable developments appear to take place in the contemporary world, unveiling the potential for a momentous shift of consciousness and, what has been described as, a major release and acceleration process. 

Each human being, no matter how conditioned or unaware, is an inherent part of the web of life. This means that together with his-her personality, or ego, he-she experiences the interaction with a united self, or Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI), who is his-her true self. When two or more individuals join together with the intent of giving creative space to their true nature, they amplify the access to the web of life and the unity of human consciousness. These networks create the conditions for producing radical healing shifts in human values and priorities.

In the context of the Full Moon in Aquarius (5.11), the basic shifts involve: fully acknowledging the issues, allowing each party to have total expression and space to expose grievances, without rushing a resolution of the issues themselves. This implies that transparency and the availability to listen are the first steps in healing, together with the capacity of translating personal history into collective history, which means thinking in terms of the collective, instead of the personal, and identifying with the global community.

The Full Moon is a dynamic and extremely thrilling moment, portraying the major elements of the power struggles between polarities, while also holding the climax and fulfilment of the original state of unity.

Each lunar cycle starts with the New Moon and reaches its climax with the Full Moon. At New Moon, both the Sun and the Moon are conjunct. Hence, they are in a condition to experience their pristine unity and formulate a common Intent.

The general question to explore here is: “What do I truly want?” or “What is my Intent?” The sign where the Moon is located at the initial New Moon, which in this case is Leo, colours the answer.

Hence, in the current lunar cycle based on Leo, or Sector 5, areas of primary focus may be: self-expression, creativity, play, performance, power, or the golden quest for our authentic Intent and its open display on the stage of life. Questions more specific to this lunation are: “What do I choose to create? What have I chosen to create so far? What am I called to display on the stage of life? How can I express my inherited talents in the present? What can I generously and playfully dispense to the world? Shall I take the risk of embracing what I truly cherish right now?”

On a New Moon I can receive authentic and honest answers, based on the simultaneous availability of both the solar and lunar energy. On a Full Moon whatever was conceived during the New Moon, calls for direct exposure and accomplishment. Hence, this is the moment when I confront myself with the practical implications of the questions and answers. This is the ideal time for manifestation!

I wish you a most energizing Full Moon! This event culminates when the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius at 19:57 BST on 13 August 2011. The major dynamics of this process will however be active at least one day before and after exact Full Moon.

The key of this Full Moon in Aquarius is exemplified by the Epic of the Holy Grail, and the parallel Epic of the Sacred Cone, the search for our primal multi-dimensional identity and its fragmented pieces, which is the quest for who we really are. As a result, the energy of Leo and Aquarius combined bring light both into what has already been accomplished in terms of identity - i.e. the understanding I have of myself, including the gifts I bring to, and receive from, the world, and also my family and tribal consciousness – and into the awareness of the longing for essential missing parts.

This reawakens the spirit of the quest, which implies provisionally leaving what is familiar in order to explore long forgotten territories and retrieve a wider definition of who we are. Here, this Full Moon highlights the multi-dimensional perspective and the rebellious shift of consciousness that brings true change. It is a process we carry out cyclically in our lives. We forsake the security of our tribe and depart for an extensive voyage. Then, after all kinds of challenges and enterprises, we return, sharing the gifts we have acquired with the original tribe, connecting our individual journey with the collective. At this stage, time is needed to integrate the new with the old, to help it ground and serve the environment, to receive a blessing from one’s tribe and regain full citizenship. Next, we may leave again on a further quest. 

The combination 5.11 sheds light on your role in the above Epic. Here, the house position of the Sun at Full Moon (20° Leo 41’) in your astrological chart may indicate the nature of this role, where you intend to go and what gifts you are called to bestow or retrieve on your quest. The house position of the Moon at Full Moon (20° Aquarius 41’) in your chart identifies the area where you can tread a rebellious path, operating with integrity no matter what others think of you. Here you can also detect areas that benefit your beloved ones, from whom you may receive blessings and unconditional support. The awareness of this support is essential on the quest for it allows nourishment and power in times of adversity.

Full Moons inevitably confront with the sphere of relationships and whatever has remained unconscious in that domain. One element to bear in mind is that relationships are unavoidable. Hence, in this context, “being in a relationship” is inescapable and cannot be identified as an intention. We are all involved in relationships, whether we are aware of it or not, and what truly counts is defining the intent of such relationships, i.e. what are we actually doing together? If I am choosing to be in a relationship merely because I do not like to be alone, my intent becomes that of “being in a relationship”, which proves that I am missing the whole perspective. If, on the other hand, I acknowledge the relationships I am already in and consciously decide to use them for a specific intent, I move into a completely different paradigm. As a result, new relationships can develop and old ones can transform themselves.

Here, I indeed release the encoding of our separated reality and enter into the gateway to the core multi-dimensional identity. The Full Moon in Aquarius deeply resonates with this shift of awareness, stimulating revolutionary changes and promoting major healing innovations in the field of relationships.

© Franco Santoro, Cluny Hill College, Forres IV36 2RD, UK,

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