Wednesday 20 July 2011

Leo: Climax of the Sun and Sainthood (by Franco Santoro)

Two lion cubs at play', by William Walls
Warm blessings on each of you in the Leo’s climax of Summer!

This is the time of the year when many people would be entirely content to peacefully sit in a deck-chair under a beach umbrella, licking an ice-cream cone and listening to the buzzing of the cicadas, now and then playfully cuddling and stretching like lion cubs and… enjoying doing absolutely nothing else. 

If this is what you genuinely pine for, “seek no further” and go for it without ado, regardless of where you physically appear to be. Yes, for this is a most precious opportunity to claim your multidimensional body, placing your power of imagination in charge and experiencing our unconditional birthright: Peace!

I am about to swing from 30° to 10° C, which is another way of saying that I will soon return to Findhorn (Scotland) after the astroshamanic retreat in Jesi and Assisi (Italy). Yet, I rejoice at the fact that this continues to be the climax of the Sun! The Sun I treasure most is the one that keeps shining at its best no matter where I am. This is also a way to motivate my imminent return to Scotland, a major training camp for the force of imagination. 

Peace begins within the world perceived as different, and leading from this fresh perception to the gate of Heaven and the way beyond.” (ACIM, W200.8:2)

I am delighted by the recent opportunity of exploring various Italian sacred places in Umbria, Marche and Emilia-Romagna, together with exquisite food and weather, all filled with superb sainthood. 

As I am about to settle again in my Scottish abode, I honour this land of wonder, the radiant greenness of its fields and the chilly, fantastic blue of its seas and rivers, under a theatrical multicoloured sky, all inferring an eerie magical realm right behind the smokescreen of physical reality. It is obvious to understand how the British Isles have always inspired so many effervescent products of the imagination and such fragrant elusive sainthood.

Sainthood, similarly to the climax of the Sun, is in truth like a rucksack, which goes with us wherever we go, no matter whether we are aware of it or not. Sainthood is the peaceful treasure concealed behind the tedious façade of everyday reality. Hence to ask for sainthood is to solicit what we already have. And yet, in times of forgetfulness, this asking is vital. Hence, firmly address your request and, in doing so, you can only succeed!

Sainthood was one of the main themes during the Astroshamanic Summer Gathering held in Assisi, birthplace of St Francis. Here I mean the quest for liberation and unity we pursue throughout life, our own path of sainthood, rather than of famous saints’. 

Official saints are purely signposts aimed at cherishing the glorious awareness of our informal sainthood, what the ordinary world is unable to grant for it is beyond such world. And yet this world needs it so desperately. There is nothing else for us to retrieve apart from this veritable sainthood. Unless we seek for misery and pain, there is nothing else for us to find. 

The interesting thing about saints is that they are recognized as such only after long investigations and always once they are dead. Many of them are even persecuted and ostracised during their life time, ending up in confinement and solitude. And yet, once they are canonised, all their life becomes virtuous and holy, no matter what they did or what was done to them.

Whenever I meet fellow seekers on the path I am so touched by the sacredness of their path, by their exquisite sainthood. What I most desire is that we all become aware of how holy and blessed we are. We have all been honoured by moments of revelation, experiences of absolute intimacy with the Divine, events of indescribable love and beauty. This is what we are called to share and be, for this is who we are, the sole veritable nature we have. There are many saints on this planet today. Any of us may be blessed as one of them, if we become aware of the healing purpose of this world. 

Sainthood appears to take place in glamorous and simple ways, and yet its miraculous nature is always the same. “Miracles as such do not matter. The only thing that matters is their Source, which is far beyond evaluation.” (ACIM, T1.1:2)

Blessings on your climax of Summer!

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