Friday 10 June 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse - 15 June 2011

A total lunar eclipse takes place on 15 June 2011. The earth’s shadow eclipses the full Moon in Sagittarius from 20:13 to 22:45 GMT, making it the second longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (only 3 minutes shorter than the longest eclipse on 27 July 2018). 

The eclipse will be visible in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe (for details on visibility see:

The eclipsed full Moon in Sagittarius emphasizes the themes of multi-dimensional expansion and communication, including the development of new networks and pathways between human separated reality and other realms.

During a full Moon there is always an intensification of our multidimensional awareness, and when an eclipse occurs this is largely amplified. In particular it is the awareness of the gap between our third-dimensional physical body and our fourth-dimensional emotional body that in such circumstances escalates.

The Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius reach their maximum distance from each other, while the Moon is eclipsed by the Earth. This is a highly charged moment in which the attraction between the two polarities reaches its apex. This stimulates the desire to meet our separated parts, our true multi-dimensional nature and whoever or whatever we project it upon.

This eclipsed full Moon exemplifies the challenging or cathartic copulation between man and woman, the sky and the earth, light and darkness, spirit and soul. As the yearning reaches its peak it comes to terms with the distance and blocks to the desired reunion.

The days and hours preceding the lunar eclipse can bring a crisis of perspective and are ideal to release pent-up emotions and grievances related with separation. This is one of the reasons why eclipses have always been regarded as most decisive times for group rituals.

Pentecost Dome, St Marks, Venice
On a full Moon in Sagittarius it is easier to stretch the scope of any healing practice, and this supports connections among individuals and groups who decide to come together physically or energetically from different parts of the world.

The aim of such connections is to promote unity and the re-alignment of our human physical identity with our multidimensional nature, starting from the fourth dimensional emotional body.  

The fourth-dimensional body is made of emotional substance, which is very intense at full moons. Emotions inspired by unity can travel fast both in time and space, releasing the fear of separation and abandonment, allowing past memories and future projections of love and bliss to become real right and now.

This eclipsed full Moon follows the day of Pentecost on 12 June 2011, and this further emphasizes its healing power (see article at:

On my part I am going to join all those groups and individuals on Earth that during the full Moon will promote healing, love and peace.

I do wish you with all my heart a most ecstatic eclipsed full Moon. 

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