Tuesday 10 May 2011

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Highly sensitive person (HSP) is a term coined by Dr. Elaine N. Aron in 1996 for describing a person having the innate trait of high psychological sensitivity. These people, including about a fifth of the population, tend to process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their neurological system.

For a test see: http://www.hsperson.com/pages/test.htm

A HSP can show most non-ordinary levels of sensitivity in the physiological, altered states of perception and multidimensional realms. These features are also identified in the New Age jargon as "Indigo Children", "Walk Ins", "Crystal Children" and other categories.

From a holistic perspective a HSP may be a potential energy healer or shaman, with the function of retrieving fragmented soul parts and bridging the gap between the human separated reality and the web of life.

When the above function is not understood and thoroughly implemented the consequences for a HSP can be most devastating and even fatal.

My whole life has been about coming to terms with this condition and learning how to survive and express my potential, being a highly sensitive person in a most insensitive world. 

In this respect I have learned things the hard way.

Astroshamanic work in general and the whole methodology of the Sacred Cone is the result of this endeavour. Yet, although a lot of progress has been made, I can still easily drift into most dangerous zones if I don’t take the necessary protective measures. And, in all honesty, though I have been teaching on the topic since 1988, at times I am unable to protect myself and move into spaces that can be fatal.  

As a matter of fact teaching, doing healing work and bringing awareness on the topic has been one of the best forms of protection I have found, and I believe this can be the case for most HSP. Yet, there are many elements that is vital to consider and in this respect I invite you to read the following questionnaire about HSP at: http://www.wicca-spirituality.com/highly-sensitive-person.html

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