Tuesday 8 March 2011

Spring Equinox: Flowering the New (by Franco Santoro)

Fiery Dance by Vladimir Kush
The Spring Equinox takes place this year on 20 March 2011 at 23.20 GMT, preceded by a Full Moon on 19 March 2011 at 18:10 GMT. The proximity of Full Moon and Spring Equinox makes the beginning of spring a most fabulous event.

This time traditionally stands for the preparation of the opening of the Eastern Gateway, the fiery cycle of clarity, vision and illumination, bestowing blessings of authenticity, courage and honesty on all those who are ready to embrace them. 

Spring brings the renewal of the earth, as well as the potential regeneration of our unique nature through the connection with our higher self, Spirit Guide, Core Multidimensional Identity or whatever you call That (see article Spirit Guide and Core Multidimensional Identity)

The previous voyage through autumn and winter involved the cleansing descent into the realm of darkness and the retrieval of precious gifts from the roots of our ancestors. If we are available to thoroughly play a part in the sacred theatre of life, spring carries the opportunity for consciousness to return to the light, setting off foremost healing enterprises and luminous pathways for the benefit of all, including next generations.

In multidimensional terms past and future generations are merely our own duplicates set in different time frequencies. By honouring them, we honour ourselves in the present and also discover who we truly are. 

In some of the most ancient mystery traditions of the planet life was set up through the ongoing awareness of seven generations. This entailed considering present events in the perspective of seven generations both past and future.  

Past and future were acknowledged as parallel universes co-existing in the present. It was considered vital to establish regular rapports with those universes for this would uphold the persistence of the web of life. Then a split consciousness took over and its belief systems based on separation prevailed, producing our current fragmented reality confined in a time limbo zone. 

The beginning of spring is a most ideal time to initiate new healing ventures aimed at mending the web of life and retrieving our lost connections. As the Sun enters its luminous cycle of ascension, ample energy is available to implement pioneering actions for large scale healing processes.

These opening deeds are crucial in the realisation of all greatest achievements that ultimately reach completion on this planet. They require guts of steel, heroic spontaneity, openness, audacity, luminous assertion, playful excitement and all the other spiritual warrior qualities of Aries, the fist sign of the zodiac. Hence, if there is something you truly cherish in life for yourself and others, this is a great time to take action, to move towards that result (see article Mind the Gap).

Yet, in doing so, the challenge is to progress beyond individual motivation and allow the realisation of your intent to become a multidimensional achievement, involving ancestors, future generations and other folks living in the present time. In this way an intention is meant to benefit all parties and release the illusive identification with our separated ego, thus becoming an Honourable Intention.

On the Holistic Awareness and Astroshamanic front here at Findhorn, on the first day of spring (20 March 2011, from 2 to 5:30 pm) at Cluny Hill College, Forres (Scotland)  I will launch the first of a series of events devoted to Bona Fide Sexuality. This will be a short workshop  on AstroshamanicHealing Touch.

May you be ecstatic, peaceful and firmly connected with the healing power of spring.

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