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Spirit Guide and Core Multidimensional Identity (by Franco Santoro)

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Spirit Guide is a term mainly employed in the Western traditions to indicate entities that choose to operate as helpers and guardians for human beings. In Western spiritualism and occultism, Spirit Guides are regarded as beings that once lived on Earth and then decided to act as disincarnated teachers for incarnated beings.  

Their guidance is usually gentle, respectful and available upon request. This means that they will not dispense information unless you are open or make a direct invitation to receive it.

Spirit Guides generally aim at expanding multidimensional and holistic awareness, often providing different perspectives from our usual ones, yet refusing to make decisions for us or predicting our future

There are many types of Spirit Guides: some of them have specific functions, while others appear from time to time or only during a given period. Certain Guides are meant to accompany us on one part of our journey and, once we have mastered the related lessons, they move on, perhaps to guide others on that same path. 

Some Guides may be ancestors or deceased loved ones, who choose to assist as auxiliary helpers in various ways. There are also primary Guides who remain closely linked with our soul and stay available for the entire life. These may be one, two or three, and include connections encompassing the time before birth or after death. Their function is to operate as permanent linking agent between ordinary and non-ordinary reality, and representative of our eternal multidimensional nature. In astroshamanism they are called Vertical Guides, and are each associated with one of the Three Worlds (Higher, Lower, Middle).

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A Course in Miracles provides a significant portrait of the Spirit Guide, who is identified with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is described through the course as “God’s answer to the ego” with “the task of undoing what the ego has made” (T79). He is regarded as the mediator between illusion and reality, or fear and love, “the remaining communication link between God and His separated Sons” (MT89), “the part of the mind that lies between the ego and the spirit, mediating between them always in favour of the spirit” (T132), a healing force operating within our consciousness to guide toward an ecstatic perception of life. 

According to the course the Holy Spirit “abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind. He represents your Self and your Creator, Who are one. He speaks for God and also for you, being joined with both. And therefore it is He Who proves them one” (MT89). The aim of the Holy Spirit is to help us release our painful attachment to the separated reality we believe to live in. In this respect his support as a Guide is crucial. “You have set up this strange situation so that it is impossible to escape from it without a Guide Who does know what your reality is. 

The purpose of this Guide is merely to remind you of what you want. He is not attempting to force an alien will upon you. He is merely making every possible effort, within the limits you impose on Him, to re-establish your own will in your awareness” (T160).

by Holman Hunt
In Gnosticism, the Spirit reveals himself through fragments of light which already exist in human beings and form a bridge between this world and the world of the True God. This God abides beyond any possible universe and has not created anything, yet he has emanated the substance of everything that exists in the visible and unseen world. During the process of emanation His essence moved far away and underwent considerable mutations, at times corrupted or alien.

The Gnostic myths consider different layers of divinities or superior beings existing between the True God and us. One of them (Sophia) generated a perverted entity (Ialdabaoth, or the Demiurge) who, unaware of his origins, imagined himself as the ultimate God and became the creator of the material and psychic universe where we live. Gnosis means “inner knowledge”, which is the capacity to see the divine essence through layers of apparent reality. Here the Spirit Guide is meant as a filter and manifests differently according to the nature of each individual.

Guides are obviously a typical feature also in shamanism. Their role is crucial for they provide the required protection and help in order to move in the multidimensional realms. In situations of difficulties they can incite and produce the necessary power. They may warn about obstacles and traps, battle with hostile forces, or also provide teachings and direction. They can also be sent as emissaries to perform special healing tasks that the shaman cannot personally attend to. 

The Oracle of the Pearl by Andrew Gonzalez
Shamanic achievements entirely depend on the help of Guides. However, when the individual refuse to answer his shamanic calling, Guides may cause frustration, pain and despair. For our true nature the Guide is the most intimate companion, just as for the ego it is the fiercest enemy.

Although their function has always been the same, the appearances and the names Spirit Guides have used throughout history is never-ending. Usually, Guides are stereotyped according to the belief systems and the culture of the persons involved. This is merely a didactical strategy aimed at helping us in gradually shifting awareness from separated to multidimensional reality, which is essential especially in the first stages of connection with the Guide. 

In this respect the Guide refers to elements derived from the traditions and approaches that the person feels more aligned with. If the subject is attracted by Christian angels, Native Americans, Egyptians or spirit animals, these are the ideal forms the Guide can take. Guides can also use unconventional or unexpected forms, if this can best serve the personality of their contact.

All these adjustments are useful in the preliminary stages of the multidimensional reawakening process. Later the seeker may move on to a deeper connection with the Guide, which usually involves stepping beyond his cultural conditionings regarding what the Guide should be. 

This stage may imply a radical shift of perception, which not all individuals are ready to take. The reference here becomes the direct and unexpurgated experience of the Guide, progressively devoid of any adaptation to cultural stereotypes. At that stage the seeker will confront a fresh definition of the Spirit Guide, which may be poles apart from the preceding model. This new Guide can hardly be described in ordinary terms, since it is what ordinary reality mainly denies or misjudge in order to guarantee its survival. I call this deeper feature of the Guide, Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI).

 In astroshamanism the Spirit Guide is alternatively defined as Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI). This term is aimed at firmly setting the Spirit Guide on a multidimensional level, avoiding romantic connotations and other misinterpretations caused by the term Spirit Guide

Traditional shamans and multidimensional healers are very practical beings, and are not concerned with spirituality, as most human beings understand it. For many of them the world we live in is a strategic predatory universe, a game simulation or the fragment of a much vaster and complex reality. Here there is crucial and heavy work to do, which requires boundless pragmatism and no space for intellectualism or a mystical crush. 

These shamans, to put it as don Juan, regard spirituality as “an empty ideality, an assertion without basis that we believe to be very beautiful because it is encrusted with literary concepts and poetic expressions, but which never goes beyond that.” or “a description of something impossible to achieve within the patterns of the world of everyday life, and it is not a real way of acting.”[i]

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[i] Carlos Castaneda, Kindred Spirit Issue 39 - Summer 1997, interview.

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