Wednesday 23 February 2011

Healing the Fragmented Polarity: The Blessed Way of Passion (by Franco Santoro)

Our human perception of reality is made up by binary electromagnetic energy in the form of separated polarities: negative-positive, male-female, dark-light.

Ordinary reality is a mono-dimensional arbitrary setting, which means that in order to be officially operative in this configuration, we need to release our multidimensional nature.

This practically implies to let go of one polarity, so that one pole is allowed circulation in ordinary reality while the other is out of bound and remains in the non-ordinary or unconscious reality.

If I am a man, the male polarity will be visible in ordinary reality, whereas my female polarity will stay unseen and vice versa if I am a woman.

It follows that the greatest aspiration of an ordinary being ultimately involves reuniting with the other polarity, which is also a forlorn hope as long as ordinary realiity continues to be based on separation.

By truly incorporating the other half we return to the experience of oneness and unconditional love, the state that existed before separated reality took over.

From time to time, whenever there is a random frequency gap in our separated reality, or deficiency in our conditioning based on separation, we can retrieve this missed polarity, at least for a few seconds.

Despite the shortness of those moments, the effect of having been exposed to their higher frequency produces a great sense of unity and peace, often continuing for minutes or even hours after the separation has been reinstalled.

If the pressure of the consensus separated reality, to which I return to, is strong, this exposure may result in nightmares, addictions, emotional upheavals, obsessions or dramatic confrontations with partners, rivals and antagonistic forces.

These effects can be extremely disturbing, often causing severe trauma and loss of memory regarding the preceding experience of unity.

When this memory is not completely lost, it is frequently regarded as the cause of all the pain that followed and becomes an area where the subject is afraid to return to.

In these strategic times of multidimensional reawakening, frequency gaps and deficiencies in ordinary reality may increase, deeply reactivating the memory of the state of unity existing before separation.

This may create opportunities of temporary resurgence for multidimensional awareness and produce more experiences of retrieval of lost polarities.

A way in which we may perceive these missing parts is through the relationship with our multidimensional nature. This can be described through many terms, which are merely attempts at defining something that can only be experienced in order to grasp its authentic meaning.

I perceive this multidimensional nature, which I call Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI), as a collective and holistic identity. This has nothing to do with the ordinary idea of individuality or personal self. It is both collective and individual, yet in a way in which collective and individual merge as one.

CMI can also express through a variety of multidimensional beings, such as spirit guides, power animals, angels, etc.

My experience is that with these entities we share profound multidimensional relationships in parallel universes, alternative spheres of time-space and other realities disconnected from our ordinary awareness.

If from our human separated perception these beings appear as distinct from us, from a multidimensional perspective they are indeed parts of ourselves, i.e. the selves from which we have separated and that astroshamanic healing aims at retrieving.

Many individuals strenuously look for their lost selves throughout their whole life without ever finding them. They search for those missing parts especially in the human relationship marketplace, yet all they usually manage to find is just some temporary satisfaction.

They look for someone in the external world who can love them, bring fulfilment to their life, and share the human voyage with.

In some exceptional cases they can meet folks who hold the same frequency of some multidimensional beings they have a close connection with.

These meetings provide a sense of profound alignment, which can reawaken lost memories and retrieve astonishing information.

The people involved may experience overwhelming effects. Regrettably these can be easily misunderstood and interpreted according to ordinary reality paradigm, forcing the subjects into conditioned roles having nothing to do with the true nature of their connection.

Hence, despite the tremendous healing potential of the relationship, its multidimensional implications may be lost, causing painful dependences and disempowerment.

The human separated reality takes over and re-establishes its paradigm, which gains in strength and vitality as a result of its provisional exposure to non-ordinary reality.

Astroshamanic work here involves tuning into the frequencies which are projected outward and fully retrieving their qualities. This process leads to the creation of Blessed Polarities, a state in which the other polarity is fully integrated and acknowledged, no matter with whom I am in an external relationship or whether I am in such a relationship at all. 

This leads to the final union of the two polarities, generally identified as male and female, though this is not necessarily related with physical gender, and to the full awareness, acknowledgment and embracement of the reality of multidimensional relationships.

© Franco Santoro, Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, Forres IV36

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