Monday 31 January 2011

Sex, Holistic Awareness and Shamanism: All You Wanted to Know About HowShamans Do It, But Didn’t Dare to Ask

Photo by Michele Mossop
By Franco Santoro

For ages on our planet conflicts around sex issues have been a major cause of sufferance, addiction and frustration. As we move into a path of rapid spiritual reawakening it is vital to acknowledge these wounds and strenuously promote ways to heal them.

Holistic Awareness is based on the experience that all aspects of life are intimately related and part of the same whole. According to a holistic perspective there is no separation and we can find our sense of purpose only if we acknowledge the wider reality in which we exist. This reality also includes what lies beyond our ordinary perception and can effectively deepen the awareness of who we truly are; our multidimensional identity.

Holistically each human being, no matter how conditioned or unaware, is an inherent part of the web of life. This means that together with their separated personality, they experience the interaction with a multidimensional identity, which is their true self.

When more individuals join together with the intent of giving creative space to their multidimensional nature, they amplify the access to the web of life and the unity of consciousness, creating the conditions for radical healing shifts in human values.

The first step in the above respect entails fully acknowledging honorable intentions and ecstatic experiences, as well as frustrations and grievances, allowing each party to express their feelings, without rushing a resolution of the issues themselves.

This implies that transparency and the availability to release are the primary steps in healing, together with the capacity of translating personal history into collective history, which means thinking in terms of the global community, instead of our personality.

From a multidimensional perspective sex is a symbolic representation of the energy pervading the web of life, often described as an ongoing multidimensional intercourse between the earth and the sky, the seen and the unseen.

Many healers and also ordinary, yet highly sensitive, people stand on the threshold of this copulation, right at the point where polarities meet, between the ordinary and non-ordinary, day and night, life and death. 

Whether they know it or not, they are intensely tied to the essence of creation, stirring up the energy and using it to sustain the web of life. As they do so, they are involved in healing soul-fragmentation, which is the result of belief systems based on separation and the cause of all fears held in our culture. 

People who are aware of this healing process work at an archetypal or collective level, as opposed to the personal or self-centred levels most individuals operate from.

As a result, they constantly move to different ways of perceiving and using sex energy. Due to the conventional denial and distortion of such themes, this can be unsettling for them and their relationships. 

Working holistically with sexual energy does not necessarily imply being in polyamorous relationships or having sexual intercourse. Due to its controversial implications many people on this path may decide to keep firm boundaries around sex, be celibate and even observe vows of abstinence.

Holistic sex is not necessarily Tantra or Taoist eroticism, which involves conscious manipulation of sexual energy. It is based on the experience that ordinary love-making, sensuality and also  mere sexual fantasies are potentially conducive to healing states of consciousness and to the emergence of multidimensional awareness.

This is the experience of many common people, who out of the blue, without warning or predetermined intention, find themselves in expanded states of consciousness when having sexual experiences. They move into other worlds, accessing spaces of deep peace and ecstasy. And in doing so they forget about their partners, and may feel puzzled, ashamed and unable to share or understand their experience when they return. (1)

Sexual energy can be a sacred gateway leading beyond consensus reality, right into our core multidimensional identity.

Sexual energy, when properly used, can shatter our separated perception of life, unveiling an ecstatic experience a billion times stronger than the most desirable orgasm. This is why sex is so heavily manipulated, repressed and misunderstood. 

Yet here sex is not at all the taboo. 

The greatest taboo is holistic awareness, the experience of ecstasy, the mystery of death, the release of our human separated reality and the unveiling of our multi-dimensional nature. 

Sexual interaction involves enormous exchanges of energy. Apart from the conscious reality of those who seem to be involved there is much more going on, which is what creates the energy. Most relevant forces are engaged in sexual activity, yet we miss their impact if sex is approached with lack of awareness.
The sexual union provides a multi-dimensional evidence of unity, encompassing the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body.
Since as human beings we officially identify ourselves only through our physical body, major issues often develop when individuals misunderstand their experiences or interrupt their relationships. 

Acknowledgment and awareness regarding sex is the first step in healing. This stage is devoid of any interpretation or judgment. It is simply a witnessing process which also and primarily encompass our memories of sexual experiences.

The point here is not whether to have sex or not. It is being aware of what is truly happening behind the veil of sex, no matter how we experience it, getting out of glamour and prejudices, unconsciousness and denial.

Conscious use of sexual energy, whether through physical interaction, shamanic work or imagination, can be a fast track to the awakening of our multidimensional nature.  It can also provide inspiration, healing and luminous transformation for human communities and the planetary environment.
As for me, a big part of the learning on the above comes from apparent mistakes and frustrations. Yet deep within I know that as human beings, we all share the same longing and dreams. Hence my determination and commitment grow, as I open to join other folks who share the same visions.
Please feel free to contact me if you wish to share experiences on the topic or simply join healing forces.
Some of our upcoming workshops will purposefully address the topic, employing practical techniques and breakthrough methods that may completely transform your perception of sexuality.

(1) see: Jenny Wade, Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil, Paraview

© Franco Santoro,

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