Tuesday 4 January 2011

Honourable Intentions (by Franco Santoro)

Step by Step by Joop Frohwein
The intention astroshamanically indicates the distilled expression of your purpose in life, or in a specific situation in space or time, as it is understandable within the separate reality of the ego.

The definition of the intent creates a field of energy that allows taking total responsibility and attracting the necessary forces. It is an epiphany purposefully set in motion by the intent bearer, who claims and accepts sovereignty as an emissary of our multidimensional nature.

The intention serves the purpose of creating a focus through which reality can be generated. The intention can be long term and requiring extended time to manifest, and it can also be short term, with the potential of finding manifestation in a few minutes.

The intent determines a focal point that allows concentration of all available energy. An intention is honourable when it supports, and aligns with, a vaster reality. The assumption here is that an honourable intent acknowledges the whole, ordinary, as well as non-ordinary reality.

An intention is honourable when I take complete responsibility and invite the participation of a wider configuration. Taking responsibility entails responding to and interacting with a vaster reality. When I do take responsibility I automatically sustain a multidimensional reality since such a reality is based upon being responsible.

This means that even if I make the conscious choice to be separate, with an intent that seems to be just my own, having apparently nothing to do with global consciousness and alike, as long as I take responsibility for this attitude, I still align with the larger context and, as a result, my intent is honourable.

The multidimensional perspective implies the awareness that choice is possible at all times. It involves the experiential understanding that reality is not something out there, which I need to accept as it is, leaving me with no possibility of intervention. The multidimensional perspective entails the realisation that I create reality according to my choices. It does not matter what I choose to create as long as I am aware that reality is based upon my choice.

The multidimensional realm, just like our consensus reality, is also based on transactions. Once all parties are aware of the implications of the contract and choose to comply with them the transactions is honoured. Problems arise when I am not aware of the aim and the conditions of the contract, that is when I do not know what I have asked for and what I have agreed to give in exchange. 

This causes confusion, misunderstanding and loss of credibility at a multidimensional level, which also reflects in ordinary reality. Yet, if this is the result of my conscious choice, I still fit with the multidimensional level and remain within the web of life.

What is not acceptable in a multidimensional context is being unconscious about choices. A major obstacle in pursuing honourable intentions is the fact that the belief systems that dominate the consensus reality are based on unconscious shifts between unity and separation. In the end these belief systems are founded on avoiding responsibility and being a victim.

This means that whenever I do take responsibility, on one hand I achieve clarity as regards my intent, on the other I will clash with a belief system that denies the existence of such a responsibility. As a result the part of me that identifies with the ordinary separated reality will suffer, bringing about a state of crisis which will ultimately release responsibilities and intentions.

In the process of clarifying intentions I need to be aware of two parts operating in me. One avoids responsibility, while the other takes it. These two parts interact constantly. The way out is to find an agreement between them. And this is part of the art of manifesting honourable intentions.

(to be continued)

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