Wednesday 22 December 2010

The Healing Power of Books, Music and Movies (by Franco Santoro)

Since 1976 I have explored literature, music, cinema and other media from a holistic and shamanic perspective. The aim of this research was to identify elements of multidimensional awareness, as well as themes and energetic prototypes associated with the astroshamanic sectors (signs of the zodiac), capable of inducing reawakening stimuli in our consciousness.

The essential point in my years of research is that unless we become aware of our own creative power, books, music, cinema and other media drastically shape our reality and perception of the world. Their obvious and subtle information enters into our mind and creates specific effects, which then define the paradigms of our life. As a result, if you are on the path of spiritual reawakening it can be very helpful to bring awareness regarding your approach to what you read, watch and listen to.

First of all you may consider the types of works you feel more attracted to, and then find out whether they are aligned with your intentions and with whatever you have chosen to deeply explore in your life. We are already exposed to so much conditioning in most of our required conventional activities (such as school, work, family, etc.) that is does not help much our healing consciousness to add even more during leisure or rest, which is usually when most people read, watch movies or listen to music.

By regularly absorbing certain books, music and movies that support the perception of separation our minds are shaped accordingly and project a view of reality based on the denial of our true expanded nature. On the contrary, intentionally using books, music or movies that trigger alternative states of awareness may reawaken your potentials and uplift your motivations. Here it is also important to be aware of your prejudices regarding certain types of movies, books or music.

For example, if you notice that you have a strong resistance towards watching war movies, listening to heavy metal music or reading prayer books, perhaps it would be ideal to consider them, at least for a while. Shifting our movie tendencies is often a way of going beyond subtle conditionings and potentially opening up to unexpected healing developments.

Music, books and movies with non-ordinary information provide a large variety of direct or indirect messages, which include the following: “the objective physical world we believe to live in is a bogus, illusive, simulated or separated reality”; “time, death and the conflict between polarities, or good and evil, are deceptive and virtual features of this separated reality, and do not truly exist”; “everything and everyone is part of the same whole”; “our true nature is multidimensional”; “you are the creator of your own reality”.

Consensus reality has the capacity of polluting whatever it meets, and especially the ideas that appear to threaten it. Consensus reality sucks human expanded awareness and replace it with a separated programme. If the intent is to retrieve our multidimensional awareness, what counts is to move beyond the limits of the programme, no matter whether it is a low or high programme.

The basic requirement in life, as well as when reading, listening to music or watching films, is awareness. Awareness works with all conditions of life and also with all types of books, music and movies, no matter whether they provide overt insights into the multidimensional, minor subtle references or they appear as totally shallow and conventional.

In most cases a book or movie may provide a deep inspiration or stimulus, regardless of its content. For this to occur it does not necessarily has to be a “spiritual”, “inspiring” or “good”.

It is the way you are able to access its encrypted information that counts and this is available also in the most conditioning works. On the other hand, certain works that appear very “spiritual” and “inspiring” may not leave any space for your own elaboration and end up conditioning you even more than those which seem to be of a much lower quality.

In our Astroshamanic Shop and in the blog Astroshamanic Bookshelf you will find various recommendations on books, music and movies. An important part of those pages is devoted to the classification of works in accordance to astrological correspondences. 

In the Astroshamanic Shop in the categories Astrology, Cinema, and Dance & Music in the column on the right (Browse by categories) you can find sections for each zodiac sign with related list of books, movies and music. Such indications are only meant to provide some examples and are under ongoing construction. You may notice that some works apply to more than one sign. This means that they have characteristics related with various signs.

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Here follow some suggestions in order to promote awareness when reading, watching movies or listening to music.

1) Before reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music, set an intention and connect with your inner guidance, Spirit, Higher Self, etc., asking to become aware of any element of the book, movie or music that can support your potential and your current healing path.

2) Read the book, watch the movie, or listen to the music, paying attention to whatever causes deep resonance, impressions, insight, amazement, or any remarkable feeling. Once, the movie or music is over, or you have read some pages of your book, jot down some notes about the highlights of your experience.

3) Using the highlights as a guideline, meditate or take a brief inner journey, thoroughly exploring the movie, book, music in search of guidance, or anything that can empower you.

4) At the end, write down some notes about what you discovered and keep them for further reference. You can also decide to share it with other people and, if you wish, you can certainly do so with us.

Illustration © 2006 by Mini Grey, created for the January, 2006 Horn Book Magazine cover.

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