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Compendium of the Game of the Sacred Cone - Part 1 (by Franco Santoro)


Our unspoiled pristine recollections stem from a state of such an ecstasy and serenity, whose delight no human words will ever manage to express. 

Yet an idiom is to be applied herewith to enunciate what is beyond all manageable languages. 

And so we proceed, conscious of the despondent nature of our venture, with the unfolding of those events which generated the perception of this universe of space and time where we, on an endless search, appear to take the helm.


In the Sphere of Light, in that spotless and splendid site that dwells beyond what is beyond, there is an environment which we punctually attempt to portray as a constellation and whose name is: 


This proscribed site and their inhabitants have a most atypical feature. 

They are fond of games and spend their life playing, dancing, chanting and celebrating all categories of affairs. 

Their idiom incorporates silences, songs, laughter, dance, stillness, and other expressions which cannot obviously be translated into any human tongue. 


Besides that, there is another prominent idiosyncrasy which is distinctive of Handor. 

It is the Last Frontier of the Sphere of Light.

What does the Last Frontier signify? Well, that is an elongated chronicle and, although it is an inconceivable and, alas, forlorn enterprise, we will endeavour to explain it in human terms.

Once, there on Handor, something absurd transpired. 

The Sphere of Light attained its Peak. It necessitated an interminable time to reach that Peak. For uncountable cycles of ages, the collective consciousness of Handor had exchanged light with the Centre of the Sphere. Then, the Peak was achieved and Handor could shine as an emanation of Light itself.

Coruscant by Ralph McQuarrie
The fact of having grown up to the maximum possible luminosity was an imposing accomplishment for the Sphere of Light. 

This brought such joy for the Handorians and a constant climax of ecstasy and luminosity which was so.....

Well, we give up any attempt to describe that! It is really too much and we risk blowing up our human circuits even if we only try to convey it in mere words.

After some time, together with this sense of inexpressible ecstasy, the Handorian commenced to experience something unforeseen. 

The Peak had elected to continue peaking. 

Its Light needed to locate another direction to wend his way. Handor could not contain it anymore. 


But where could it proceed if Handor was the Last Frontier? 

This was the prevailing dilemma.

The most noticeable response at this stage seemed to be that of stretching beyond the Frontier. But for the Handorians that answer was not at all translucent. 

Nobody had ever ruminated of moving beyond the Last Frontier. And that was actually the reason why it was named the Last Frontier. 

To the further side of that, there was nothing at all and one could not even conceive the idea of proceeding beyond.

“How can you journey to a place where nothing exists? How can you frolic in darkness? Why on Handor should we move further? What’s the point?” crooned most Handorians. 

On the one hand this sounded very logical, while on the other there were grounds to hold a dissimilar point of view.

“That’s the challenge of a novel game!” warbled a conglomerate of Handorians. 

“We hold Light, while there, beyond the Frontier, there is only Darkness. Now, as a centre of Light, we do need to come to terms with that Darkness.”

For most Handorians these views did not make any sense. However this did not prevent them from spreading throughout Handor. 

After a short time the issue of Darkness provided the idea for the unravelling of a ground-breaking game. The theme was so spellbinding and controversial that this Game gradually became extremely popular.

In two shakes of a lamb's tail it disseminated in the whole constellation. 

It was called the Game of the Sacred Cone.

As time went on the Game elaborated different variations. 

Appropriate arenas were erected to play it. There, thanks to a machination titled Sacred Cone, it was feasible to captivate and emit darkness. 

At a certain stage of the Game, often just for a few instants, the whole perimeter of the arena would sink into an unmitigated condition of obscurity. 

That was truly an unprecedented occurrence for the Handorians.

In those incomparable circumstances they would convene in earnest immobility, amazement and taciturnity. Then, when the darkness was over, the Handorian could chortle at the weirdness of such an experience.


 Darkness was extremely insufficient on Handor and in all the Sphere of Light in general. In order to reproduce it, the mammoth conic reservoirs based in the directional stations of the constellation were employed. 

Before the introduction of the Game, most Handorians did not comprehend anything about those reservoirs or did not even know they existed. Nobody had ever been interested in darkness except for a minuscule bundle of eccentric researchers.

The success of the Game caused a reckless increase of solicitation for darkness. Soon the reservoirs risked running out of darkness. 

After some time the quantity of darkness was so pigmy that the Handorians were faced with a crucial decision: either to suspend the Game or consider the idea of moving where darkness was supposed to be abundant, i.e. beyond the Last Frontier.

by Jean Pattou
This latter option was still regarded as cretin and devoid of any sense. Rather than implementing it, most Handorians were ready to let go of the Game of the Sacred Cone and either return to their traditional games or devise something else. Yet a minority were extremely devoted to the Sacred Cone and would do whatever in order to preserve the Game.

In their songs they invited immediate action as darkness was running short and this risked extinguishing their beloved Game


 Then the Peak himself emerged in the Central Stadium of Hartem (the most resplendent of the 12 major stars of Handor) and chanted a hymn which sounded more or less like:

“Oh beloved ones, you have been training yourselves for aeons, and you already have your Circle of Champions in this Game. Now it’s time to direct an elected team beyond the Last Frontier to play with real Darkness. Your cones are vacant and if you intend to persist in the Game, you are to take a decision”.

The Circle of Champions, who consisted of the major representatives of the Handorian Stars, were rather tumultuous at the news. “And about time to!” they trolled. “That’s what we have been anticipating for ages!”.


 The Peak was jocund at this attitude, but had to warn the Champions to be cautious about their choices: “It’s not going to be that smooth there. The Game is going to be different once you are in the Darkness. You won’t be able to turn on the Light as you do in the arenas. Once you are beyond the Frontier everything is going to be very serious and you are likely to overlook that you are in the Game and you could even cease your songs and dances. Besides you would need a space suit whose way of functioning causes a lot to ponder on”.

Of all the songs the Peak had ever sung this was really the most incomprehensible. 

Serious? What does it signify? How is it possible to lose sight of the Game? How is it possible not to sing or dance?” chorused the Handorians. 

Now one should comprehend that Handorians did not have the word serious in their vocabulary. That word was really beyond their minds, as was also the fact of seeing life in a way different from games, songs and dances.

The Peak had not finished though. There was a profound silence, as it was clear to everyone that the Peak was about to vocalise another major song. 

Then the Peak said:

“When you go beyond the Last Frontier, after a while you forget about the place where you come from and begin to feel as if you have been abandoned. You get angry with your original planet and as a form of vengeance you create a separate reality. Then you feel guilty about it and in order to escape from that guilt you create further separation and vengeance until the pain and the boredom is so unbearable that you sink into the Peak of the Sphere of Darkness. There you realise that you cannot move any further and you get so fed up that you are forced to recover your memory and original Intent. At that point you begin to undo all the reality you have been creating since the origination of the Game until you come back to Handor”.
All this was sheer gibberish for the Handorians. It was filled with words (see italics) which were a total mystery for them. Moreover, and that was really too much, that time the Peak did not sing nor dance. 

He said those words and this had never occurred before. 


Handorians were full of amazement. They did not comprehend what the Peak meant, but were at once aware that there was something mysterious about life which the Peak knew and they didn’t. This created a lot of excitement among the Circle of Champions.

“We have never played anything like that. That’s really a totally different game. We are going to bring Light to the Darkness! We are looking forward to going beyond the Last Frontier. Here we are, in readiness to go!” they sang.

The Champions unanimously accepted that they would depart and for such purpose initiated a long training in the star of Kallex by the homonymous Rock (i.e. the celebrated black Rock of Kallex).

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Excerpts from: 
Franco Santoro, Concisa Epitome del Compendio dell'Epica del Sacro Cono 
Franco Santoro, Astroshamanism: A Journey Into the Inner Universe, Findhorn Press, 2003, which you can order by clicking here or the banner below:

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