Monday 15 September 2014

Autumn Equinox Meditation

Please join us in celebrating the Autumn Equinox on 22 and 23 September 2014.

This is an ideal time to come together to honour the balance of light and darkness. It is a time of release, transformation and renewal. Come and take time to clear and bless the past, allowing it to become fertilising compost for your highest wishes. For more information on the Autumn Equinox see:

This is a distant healing open event occurring wherever you are in the world. It is also a celebration held in specific locations by groups of individuals, who you can physically join. Everybody who feels drawn can participate. Whether you take part on your own or with other people, the aim is to be both with yourself and others, while connecting with the deepest source of your being and Spirit, All That Is, God, no matter how you call That according to your spiritual beliefs and experience.

The event can take place at any time from Sunday, 19:00 GMT, 21 September 2014 to 4:00 UTC, 24 September 2014. The exact time and date of the Autumn Equinox is 2:29 UTC, 23 September 2014. The celebration can last a minimum of 20 minutes.

If you are holding or decide to hold an Autumn Equinox celebration in any part of the world, please post details on this page or contact us at

The Autumn Equinox is the time when the Sun passes from the northern to the southern hemisphere, making night and day of almost equal length all over the planet.

In the northern hemisphere Autumn identifies the fall and completion of an old cycle. It is the moment in which the world or the environment that has been familiar to you, begins to fade away until it eventually disappears. The luminosity and heat of summer gradually dissolves and gives way to the time of increasing darkness.

This is a most intense moment of the yearly journey full of abundant blessings of transmutation. The leading challenge in autumn is to learn to die well to what no longer serves and be open to receive what truly supports your true intention and purpose in life.

Relevant questions here are: “what is there in my life that wants or needs to die? What ways of being in the world do not serve my current Intent and all that I am discovering through my inner work? What no longer serves me, my loving companions, the community where I live, the planet and the universe?”

Please find below some guidelines describing an example of an Autumn Equinox Celebration, which can be used if you are alone or with others, and do not know what to do.

Basic suggestions for an Autumn Meditation:


In this Equinox Celebration participants come together in silent communion to promote an Intention of Light, Healing, Love, and Alignment with the Web of Life, releasing grievances and opening up to the presence of Spirit, as they understand That. The aim is to support healing and love at all levels, for you, the environment and all beings, including those abiding in other realms.

1) Stand relaxed with the spine straight, feet flat on the floor, facing West. Focus on your breath and connect with the space around you, the emptiness surfacing the edges of your body. Sense the whole environment and its void and fullness, allowing the void and fullness of the environment to join other environments, encompassing those of all the participants in this celebration around the world.

2) Place your awareness on both your right and left hand, as you keep being aware of your breath and the environment that surrounds you. while you allow the awareness of your hands and environment to progressively expand throughout all your body.

3) Consider all the luminous experiences you have had since the Spring Equinox, and express gratitude for them. Acknowledge your intentions, what provides joy, love and anything that you wish for yourself and others, and allow this to be held through the awareness of your right hand.

4) Let your individual intentions connect with all other luminous intentions, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same Light and web of life. Connect with a luminous parallel universe, a Land of Light, where everything you wish is fully available for you and everyone.

5) Direct the awareness of your right hand, its Light and the related intentions to move gradually through your arms reaching the point at the centre of your chest, the Heart level and bridging the outer into the inner. Take some time to allow Spirit to operate.

6) Consider all the dark experiences you have had since the Spring Equinox, how you have coped with pain, stress and unpleasant situations and express compassion and forgiveness. Allow whoever and whatever in your present life is related with grievances or difficult issues to be held through the awareness of your left hand.

7) Allow these individual and collective grievances to connect with all types of grievance or issue, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same Darkness and web of life.

8) Direct the awareness of your left hand and the related grievances to move gradually through your arms reaching the point at the centre of your chest, your Heart, and bridging the outer into the inner. Take some time to allow Spirit to operate.

9) Focus only on the centre point, the Heart, allowing your environment to be totally absorbed by it.

10) Be aware of your lower body (belly, genitals, legs, ankles, feet), including whatever is below, hidden, dark, till your reach the centre of the Earth, and connect it with your Heart.

11) Be aware of your upper body (throat, head), including whatever is above, luminous, up to the distant sky, to connect with your Heart.

12) Allow lower and higher, Darkness and Light, to be absorbed by the Heart, so that in the end only the Heart is there. Receive an unconditional blessing from the Heart.

13) Allow the outer to gradually emanate from the Heart and take the shape of your energised and renewed physical body and outer environment. Come back to ordinary awareness allowing the above process to continue for a few minutes on a more subtle level. Give yourself some time to fully return to ordinary consciousness, stretch, get up or walk around, drink some water, etc.

14) Acknowledge how you feel and what you experienced. Take notes about anything relevant for you. If you wish, share this on the Autumn Equinox event page or privately with me ( and/or other participants via e-mail.

The above process can last from 20 minutes to one hour.

Blessings, Franco Santoro

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