Wednesday 4 June 2014


Along the path of truth, whenever I move as far as I can, I end up to the same point: a totally empty place, with nothing at all.

No truth, no belief, no god, no vision, no teacher. Absolutely nothing and nobody, not even me.

Since I am still rather embarassed about all this nothingness and feel in need of something, I realise there is no way of finding it unless I go back. Then I will meet the usual things. This I do.

Yet I know that once I return, after a while I get fed up about the usual things. Then, I move another time along the path of truth, till I reach the same empty place again.

Then, tired to keep repeating the same story, I ask the empty place if there are alternatives apart from nothingness and the usual something. The reply, if I heard it well, is:

"If you want something alternative, create it yourself!"

(Franco Santoro)

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