Sunday 27 April 2014


"Perhaps the most luminous and beautiful encounters, the greatest love experiences in our life, take place in the interval between two dreams. Perhaps, we need simply to learn and wait for this interval. Then, when it finally comes, wake up and run away with it, forever." (Arbor Lucis)

"What is the maximum experience of light, peace, love and joy in your life? If it is happening today or it is a memory from the past, be aware of all its details, for time is just a map, showing you the places and itineraries you can travel to. You may not enjoy this experience now, or believe that it is lost forever, or even that you never had it. This can cause frustration. And yet the frustration is the evidence that you had that experience, and that it still exists somewhere. In order to find it again, you need to go back along your time route, without getting lost and be confused by the time route of others... And be aware that the more you are frustrated, the closer you are to that luminous experience, so that you could even be just on top of it."

(Arbor Lucis)

© Franco Santoro,

Images: by Theodor Kittelsen, born 27 April 1857, Sun in Taurus and Moon in Gemini, Norwegian painter.

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