Thursday 3 October 2013

Light and Darkness: Scorpio Holistic Sexuality Retreat Intensive - 16-17 November 2013

by E.R. Hughes (Sun in Scorpio)
16-17 November 2013
ITALY, Terra di Luce, Corvaro (Rieti)
Light & Darkness: Scorpio Holistic Sexuality Retreat Intensive

Astroshamanic workshop with Franco Santoro. In English/Italian

The workshop takes place during the Full Moon (Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus), during the solar cycle of Scorpio, an ideal time for exploring, understanding and releasing hidden aspects of our being, including both our deepest desires and fears.

Scorpio is the sign associated with the taboo aspects of life, including the esoteric and deep features of sexuality and death, and our relationship with unseen realities, which profoundly affect our everyday life. 

This workshop is a full immersion in the world of Scorpio, supported by simple astroshamanic and tantric practices. The aim is to consider sexual energy from a holistic and multidimensional perspective, honouring both physical intimacy and chastity.

We will use the astrological chart as a living field to explore experientially the key elements of our sexual energy, how to activate and direct it towards what we consciously choose to create in life.  

This workshop can be preceded by the workshop from 1 to 3 November 2013 (click here for details).

The workshop is designed for all types of relationships, encompassing couples in intimate or platonic connections, partnerships in work, service or spirituality, rapports with friends and relatives. Participants of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

The workshop takes place in Corvaro (Rieti), at Terra di Luce, via Fuori le Mura 10,  tel. 0746306529,, It starts at 10 on 16 November 2013, and ends at 16:00 on 17 November 2013. It is suggested to arrive on Friday evening, taking part in an introductory meeting at 20.

Details & Price
Cost: on a sliding scale according to income.
Euro 140, plus Euro 10 (membership fee)
Bursaries can be available. Please book early contacting the addresses below.
Accommodation: Euro 20 (B&B) per night
For information contact:,,

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