Monday 16 April 2012

Zodiac Navigator: An Astroshamanic Healing Journey

An Astroshamanic Healing Voyage
by Max Mattoni & Franco Santoro

Date of release: 21 April 2012 
Date of release by Kyosaku Records: 29 October 2012 (Full Moon)

This CD is the result of three years of regular guidance and intense work done by music healer, singer and song-writer Max Mattoni (1.5.9), Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo, Ascendant in Sagittarius, Saturn Power (Sun conjunct Saturn), Uranus and Pluto Flower (Uranus and Pluto conjunct Midheaven) in association with Franco Santoro (6.8.8), Sun in Virgo, Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio, Neptune Vessel/Instrument (Neptune conjunct Moon/Ascendant), Uranus Flower (Uranus conjunct Midheaven).

We had planned the pilot release of this CD on the day of the New Moon in Taurus, 21 April 2012, a time of major Taurus' Fertility, which unpredictably ended up being also the date of birth of Max's daughter, Sophia Mattoni. Zodiac Navigator has officially been released on 29 October 2012, full moon in Taurus, by Kyosaku Records, and is now available online.

Max Mattoni
The CD has been specifically produced for astroshamanic healing and energy work, as described in Franco Santoro’s books and literature on astroshamanism and other holistic spiritual disciplines. 

Zodiac Navigator constists of 13 astroshamanic healing tracks, featuring each zodiac sign and the centre, aimed at retrieving and harmonising their luminous potentials, while releasing the related grievances. 

Franco Santoro
The sounds support deep relaxation and access to expanded states of consciousness, encouraging the vitalisation and harmonisation of the subtle energy centres of the body and environment. This process aims to stimulate the release of grievances, toxins and blocked patterns, paving the way for deep transformational processes.

The CD can be used to support a range of healing practices, according to your own guidance or spiritual path and tradition. These include: shamanic trance dance, astroshamanic touch or bodywork, multidimensional first aid, healing rituals and prayer.

For an audio sample of the first track (Aries) click here or see video below.

Produced, composed, arranged and recorded by Max Mattoni.
Played by Max Mattoni (guitars, keyboards, vocals, frame drums, tambourine,  jews harps, singing bowls, harmonica), Franco Santoro: (shamanic frame drum, tambourine, thai gong, jews harp, harmonica, guidance). Thanks to Stefano Maria Crocelli- didjeridoo on track 10, Flavia Vallega- vocals on track 8 & 9, Primary school vocal childs (Oleba) on track 2, courtesy by Stefano Maria Crocelli

Zodiac Navigator is available online at (click here), (click here), and i-Tunes.

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