Friday 9 December 2011

Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse on 10 December 2011

This Full Moon (at 18° Gemini 11') on Saturday, December 10 at 14:36 GMT is combined with a total lunar eclipse, at exactly 14:33 GMT. For visibility information click here.

It can be an ideal time to focus the attention upon your vision about anything luminous and significant that you choose to manifest in life (click here for further details) 

For example, if your vision is about expressing your creativity through art, stop delaying the manifestation any longer. Do something about it straight away on the full moon, even if you feel you are not ready or that you don’t have the skills yet or whatever. Take a large sheet of paper and some colours, draw something. Express yourself. Do it!

It is your capacity to act your visions out, your availability to do something about them, taking risks, confronting the physical world, which is acknowledged in the universe, and not your dreams and ideas.

A full moon with an eclipse is an opportunity to ride your dreams, to direct them into the reality of life, to use them as energy to become who you want to be.

Indeed, every moment and day presents us with such opportunities, and yet on a full moon this can be more spectacular and glamorous.

You can create a simulation in which you live the full moon day as your last chance, the ultimate opportunity before the end of time. This allows you to be playful about what you do, to experience it as a game.

And what counts in the end is that you do something about your visions. You are totally entitled to do whatever to accomplish your dreams.

And the power is yours to do it now!

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