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Eros, Mars and Venus (by Franco Santoro)

David Jacques-Louis, Mars, Venus and Cupid

Astrologically eros (passionate love, filled with sensual desire and longing, also called marital love) is ruled by Mars and Aries, the primal driving force of separated reality, the propelling power of desire, the restless urge to act, move, hunt for and merge with the multidimensional realms. 

When we fall in love, a significant part of our multidimensional self is activated through the projection made on a physical partner, with the intent of making it a part of us. 

Astroshamanically it is the fourth-dimensional body, the emotional field and water element that is turned on, and projected upon the physical form of another person. As a result, when we are close to that person, either physically or emotionally, we reach a peak in bliss and feel complete. 

Unfortunately we may believe that the physical other is the one who completes us and that this completion takes place only when we continue to experience the bliss of eros and falling in love with him or her. 

Indeed eros, just as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is merely the starting point of a long process for completion, the gateway into the awareness of the Third Party. This is also exemplified by the first stage of the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone, which activates the sphere of the primal intent and desire.

The next stage involves a disintegration of the eros function and may appear as a process of "falling out of love". This occurs when shadow parts of our multidimensional nature are projected on the other, while the previous erotic bits fade away. 

Here we realise that the preceding loving projection is not the other, and this may cause disappointment, frustration, anger, fear and perhaps the conclusion of the relationship, if it is a scared relationship. Yet, this is indeed the most powerful stage of the relationship, which can allow us to take a giant stride in the retrieval process and create the foundations for its anagrammatic transmutation from scared to sacred.

If we choose to accept the other for what he or she shows us, we identify the parts of our multidimensional self that are striving to be acknowledged and integrated. Recognizing, honouring and loving whatever we see in the other, implies recognising, honouring and loving ourselves. 

Our outer interaction with the other reflects the inner multidimensional dynamics of our healing soul. When we accept to engage and being in love with all aspects of another, including the shadow sides, then the Third Party emerges and the way to sacred relationships firmly unveils. 

This phase is exemplified by the second stage of the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone, which is the sphere of release, composting and sacred transmutation, while the third stage of the ritual, embodies the mystery activation of the Third Party, the filling of the Void, the gateway to our core multidimensional self.

Astrology depicts both the scared relationships of our fragmented self and the sacred relationships of our multidimensional nature. In itself astrology provides a complete mapping of the Web of Life and a delineation of the undivided self, where all sexes abide together and the inner joins the outer, undisturbed by the hallucination of separation. 

When astrology is employed shamanically it plays a most decisive role in identifying and retrieving fragmented parts, successfully facilitating their integration into the unity to which they belong.

Botticelli, Venus and Mars

Astrologically, the position of Venus and the Descendant in a man's chart tends to show the aspects of the feminine archetype that can trigger his eros or be projected onto an external partner. This figure can appear through a large variety of expressions ranging from the highest to the lowest feminine aspects. 

In Jungian terms this is the anima, the sum of all the unconscious feminine qualities that a male possesses. For a man the position of Mars portrays the archetypes he identifies with or aims to own so as to trigger the eros principle in another and draw fragmented parts of his soul.

In a woman the position of Venus generally represents the particular feminine archetype she identifies with or aspires to in order to activate the eros principle in another and attract missing male parts of her souls. 

For a woman it is the position of her Mars, together with her Descendant, that may show the aspects of the masculine archetype that can turn her eros on or be projected onto outer partners. This figure again manifests through many forms ranging from the highest to the lowest male aspects. In Jungian terms it is the animus, the sum of all the unconscious male qualities that a woman possesses.

Although the Descendant, Mars and Venus astrologically embody the anima or animus there are also other relevant elements that identify the female or male polarities in both scared and sacred relationships. 

According to Plato's Symposium (see article at: http://astroshamanic.blogspot.com/2011/02/sacred-relationships-and-third-party-by.html), there were originally three sexes "because the sun, moon, and earth are three; and the man was originally the child of the sun, the woman of the earth, and the man-woman of the moon, [the Third Party] which is made up of sun and earth". In this respect the Sun constitutes the male polarity, the Ascendant, which stands for the Earth, represents the female polarity, and the Moon stands for the Third Party. From a more strategic and experiential perspective each of these three astrological references can play any of the three sexes.

Astroshamanic work in the realm of relationships involves the retrieval of all the features projected on outer partners and the development of a state in which they are fully integrated and acknowledged through the conscious participation of the Third Party, no matter with whom we are in an external relationship or whether we are in such a relationship at all.

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