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Compendium of the Game of the Sacred Cone - Part 3 (by Franco Santoro)

Continued from part two

by Mario Martinez

At first the separation progressed like a peculiar joke. It looked like an exciting distraction aimed at stimulating the course of the Game

It was assumed that after some time the two parts would have joined again and abided by the basic agreements of the Game. Yet, as time went on, it became more and more strenuous to discern if the two sides were really willing to return to the original way of playing. 

The conflict intensified and this provoked the employment of astonishing and obdurate game strategies. 

A crucial clash occurred when each polarity started to construct two bases of secondary directions in the mid-point between one direction and the other. 


As a result the bases of Ahur, Hatar, Hagor and Hallair were settled. 

In those locations the Seed of the Sacred Cone was planted and new types of beings were born. They were called Paheka. Their bodies, as different from those of Sadoha, could generate both light and darkness.

The appearance of Paheka was a source of voluminous complacency for the Pioneers of each polarity. 

Darkness was a most precious substance for Handorians. 

Following the success of the Game of the Sacred Cone, its value had become priceless. 

The 12 Paheka were able to produce darkness in almost unrestrained quantities. This rendered them precious for the Pioneers just as diamond caves are for human beings. 

Each Paheka would produce different dosages of darkness and light though. Such situations gradually determined a friction among Pioneers. Eventually that brought further separation. 

by Jade N. Bengco

The original fleet was divided into 12 Sectors which represented the 12 Paheka and also the starships of the 12 stars of Handor. 

Each Sector installed a base around the circumference of the great cone and began to work on its own. 

After ages of hostilities and combats, the Sectors further separated themselves. 

In the end each of the 144 Pioneers decided to operate autonomously.

This separation into 144 single entities caused a major quandary as the Game, in order to function effectively, required a minimum group of 12 united components. 

The Pioneers were forced to find a solution in order to assure the furtherance of the Game

For this purpose they elected to utilise the Paheka. Each of the 144 Pioneers built a base and generated further Paheka. Each Pioneer began to be part of a circle made up of Paheka. 

As a result of this development the Game received a substantial impulse of creativity. 

The Paheka, however, were not beings of Light, but of both Light and Darkness. As they were born after the process of separation, they were alien to the original thought form of unity. 

They would find it easier to work as couples or polarities. They would also tend to produce situations of severe warfare or captivation within their polarities. 

by Jade N. Beng


In order to master the Game, each Pioneer had to bring considerable modifications to his space suit and also use high quantities of energies in toiling strategic relationships with each of the Paheka. 

As long as the Pioneers managed to keep the command of this convoluted situation, the Game would run well. When this was not the case, stern inconveniences easily resulted. 

The cardinal one occurred when the Paheka realised that they could mate between themselves and generate a seed of their own without the assistance of the Pioneers. 

From this seed various forms of life were created. The Paheka began to use them to develop a new version of the Game

The Pioneers were gradually deserted by their Paheka and were unable to play the Game properly. 

In the meantime the Paheka created bases and expanded their dominion in the Sphere until, after a few ages, they assumed full control. 


 The Pioneers decided to descend into the lands of the Paheka in the effort to create alliances with their inhabitants. They began to relate with some of them and in particular with a group that we call here Zruddha. These were allured by the luminosity of the Pioneers and began to grant their services. 

by Michael Hale
The Pioneers managed to train and employ the Zruddha in the Game. This allowed them to retrieve some of their previous power. 

Yet there were major tribulations for the Zruddha had a rather fragile and unstable nature. Their structures, moreover, after a period of time or under certain circumstances, would deteriorate and become absolutely useless. As a consequence the Pioneers had to expend enormous amounts of energy to further train the Zrudhha. 

The Paheka, on the other hand, once they came to be aware of the link between Pioneers and Zruddha, hardened the conditions of the latter. This further abated their duration. 

The Pioneers tried to devise various strategic operations but they all failed. In the end Pioneers and Paheka reached an agreement. The former agreed to confine themselves to their bases and acknowledged the dominion of Paheka over the vastness of the remaining territory of the Sphere. 

The Paheka, as an exchange, would provide the Pioneers with all the darkness they needed for the Game. The Pioneers, although they could only play in their bases, were excited by the unlimited quantities of darkness that they had at their disposal.


Since the origination of their enterprise, the Pioneers’ gestures were followed with much interest in the Handorian State System. 

Wide screen highlighted the arenas and notably featured news about the expedition beyond the Last Frontier. Handorians were startled at what was occurring and when they received information regarding the internment of the Pioneers in their bases, well, they really could not take anymore. They decided to call upon the Peak of Light and ask for explanations. Hence the Peak agreed to reveal a most arcane and staggering truth. 

by Avi Das
“All this severance that you have witnessed is not a novelty for me. There is a far more abundant portion of the Game of which I could not phrase any word. You would not have managed to comprehend. Now that you have followed the enterprises of the Pioneers, at last you can comprehend. Therefore I can at last release my secret. Hang on to my utterance. Down there, beyond the Peak of Darkness, my beloved sister abides, together with her descent and my devoted brothers. In a most archaic time we started a Game, the pristine edition of the Game of the Sacred Cone. Similarly we ended up separate from each other. Now the calling of our archaic union is bound to prevail. From my sister Rodnah, the Peak of Darkness, a Circle of Pioneers has left. They consist of 12 representatives for each state or Realm of Rodnah (Yawrik, Xellak, Rodut, Raku, Ramnah, Lujtnas, Naairf, Raxah, Yllouv, Tnert, Gmarf, Metrah). In the midpoint of Pahai the Circle of Handor and Rodnah are destined to meet. This has not happened yet for the Pioneers of Rodnah behaved similarly to those of Handor. They first created a base called Ru. In that place they generated the counterparts of pure darkness of the Sadoha (Ma Sadoha). Then they separated themselves and began to manufacture grey counterparts with dark matrix of the Paheka (Mare Paheka), The separation which you have witnessed occurred also in my times. Indeed I was part of the original group of the 144 Pioneers..”

by Mario Martinez


 Following this astounding and unparalleled declaration, the Peak resolved to send a thirteenth starship directly from the central star of Handor. 

The thirteenth starship, composed of 12 Pioneers, first reached Ur and, with the assistance of the Sadoha, developed a planetary system called Ur Handor.  

Then, they descended through the vertical axis, landing at the central point of Pahai. Around that space spread the vast amount of bases fabricated by the Pioneers, Paheka and Graha during myriads of ages. 

The thirteenth starship halted in the central point of Pahai waiting to establish contact with the thirteenth starship of the Pioneers coming from Rodnah. After a substantial amount of time the meeting took place. [...]

The modalities of this event are for the time being unmentionable. 

In the end, the two sides arranged their starships in parallel, one above the other, composing the first structure of the base called Pahai. 

From that site the thirteenth Pioneers of Handor were solicited to descend along the vertical axis to reach Ru Rodnah, the vertical planetary base of Rodnah. 

At the same time the Pioneers of Rodnah ascended to Ur Handor, the vertical planetary base of Handor. 

After depositing the 144 seals of the original Pioneers of each side, the thirteenth Pioneers returned altogether to Pahai [...]

It is not possible to divulge the procedures of the settling of the seals even with a metaphor. [...]

Then the Pioneers of each side started the research of the original Pioneers. For this purpose they began to fabricate the base of Pahai and to cover its surface through the use of connecting entities called Bhi Jinah [...]

by Rudolf Herczo
The creation of Pahai and the retrieval of the original Pioneers is still in progress. 

Each of the components of the thirteenth starships has to retrieve and conduct to Pahai the 12 Pioneers of each of the 12 original starships. 

Once the original Pioneers have been retrieved, the Handorian starships will continue up to Ru, expanding in that direction the structure of Pahai. Similarly the starships of Rodnah will proceed towards Ur. 

Handor and Rodnah’s starships are aimed at widening Pahai within the whole area of the Grey Sphere until they reach Rodnah and Handor respectively. This enterprise manifests through the Pahai Etnaire and the germination of Bhi Jinah. [...]

So as to prevent this attainment the Paheka with matrix of light (Hare Paheka) copulated with those of matrix of darkness (Mare Paheka) and generated a huge web of block in the horizontal axis aimed at obstructing the work of the Pioneers. This web, called Paheka Rubhe, consists of the 144 binary relationships between Hare Paheka and Mare Paheka. 

by Mario Martinez

These relationships gave birth to 144 beings called Graha who, as time went on, multiplied themselves and generated all the varieties of Graha who exist in the Grey Sphere. The presence of this web determined a situation of block and stagnation in the whole area of Pahai.

The original Pioneers have to complete the Game as agreed. In order to do that they have to release the Graha, the Paheka web and the Paheka themselves. This is possible only if they manage to find their original unity. This is attainable only if they succeed to reach Rodnah together, move through Ru, and vice versa. This is possible for indeed there are no other possibilities. [...]

(to be continued, perhaps)

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