Sunday 11 May 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio - Wesak, Healing Meditation

This is a distant healing open event, organised by Astroshamanism, Franco Santoro, & IAMA, taking place during the Full Moon, when the Sun in Taurus opposite the Moon in Scorpio. Everybody who feels drawn can join. Whether you take part physically on your own or with other people, the aim is to be both alone and all-one, connecting with the deepest source of your being and Spirit, All That Is, God, no matter how you call That according to your spiritual beliefs and experience.

The event can take place at any time from 13 to 16 May 2014. Ideally it can last a minimum of 15 minutes.

Please find below some guidelines on this Full Moon in Scorpio Healing Meditation. Yet, please be aware that Taurus/Scorpio combined generate very instinctive, passionate and intense energy. If you feel drawn to do something else, I encourage you to go with it and use anything that makes sense for you. What counts in the end is to take some time to focus on a group healing purpose, calling on Spirit, God, as you understand That, using the language of your heart, keeping a constant focus during the meditation.

For details regarding the meaning of this Full Moon, please see the post at:


In this Full Moon Healing Meditations participants come together in silent communion to promote an Intention of unity, forgiveness and alignment with the web of life, releasing grievances and opening up to the healing presence of Spirit, as they understand That. The aim is to support healing and love at all levels, for you, the environment and all beings (including those with whom you may experience grievances). A particular focus of this meditation are matters concerning sexuality, death, attachments and all types of intense emotions.

You can either be still for the whole meditation, or dance, making sure that you start and end with a moment of stillness.

1) Sit or stand relaxed with the spine straight, feet flat on the floor. Focus on your breath and connect with the space around you, the emptiness surfacing the edges of your body. Sense the whole environment and its void and fullness, allowing the void and fullness of the environment to join other environments, encompassing those of all the participants in this Full Moon Healing Meditation around the world.

2) Connect with the healing Intention for this Meditation, and place your awareness on your mouth and throat (parts of the body related with Taurus), as you breathe deeply. Imagine a luminous ray descending from a point of maximum Light above you, and reaching your head, throat and moving down to your Heart, Solar Plexus, genitals, legs, and the centre of the Earth. Consciously and firmly invite Spirit to operate through this ray.

3) Consider a situation or situations in your life related with your Intention, with what provides joy, love and anything that you wish for yourself and others, and allow this to be held through the awareness of your mouth and throat, representing the Sun in Taurus.

4) Let your Intention connect with all other possible Intents, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same web of life.

5) Place your awareness on your genitals and anus (parts of the body related with Scorpio), as you keep being aware of your breath and environment. Allow the awareness of your genitals and anus, and environment to expand through your legs, feet, the floor, finally reaching the centre of the Earth. Allow the centre of the Earth to draw the outer environment and let it join with your inner environment and world, consciously and firmly inviting Spirit to operate.

6) Consider a situation or situations in your life related with grievances or difficult issues, and allow this to be held through the awareness of your genitals and anus, representing the Moon in Taurus.

7) Allow these grievances to connect with all types of grievances or issue, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same web of life.

8) Direct the awareness of your genitals and anus to move gradually above, reaching your Heart. Allow the lower and higher parts of your body, the whole environment, and planet, to be absorbed by the Heart, so that in the end only the Heart is there. Receive an unconditional blessing from the Heart.

9) Then allow the Heart to expand outwardly, energising and renewing your physical body and outer environment. Come back to ordinary awareness allowing the above process to continue for a few minutes on a more subtle level. Give yourself some time to fully return to ordinary consciousness, stretch, get up or walk around, drink some water, etc.

10) Acknowledge how you feel and what you experienced. Take notes about anything relevant for you. If you wish, share this on the Full Moon Healing Meditation event page, on our Astroshamanism page

The above process can last from 15 minutes to one hour.

Blessings, Franco Santoro

Image: astroshamanic seal for the Full Moon in Scorpio, drawn at Findhorn Bay, Wesak 2012

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