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A Concise Anatomy of Demons, Shadows and Graha (by Franco Santoro)

Graha 5.5
According to the Epic of the Sacred Cone, Graha and Demons are fourth-dimensional entities of apparent grievance, separation and antagonism. They are generally most unconscious and unseen beings, who solely emerge in our third-dimensional reality either through our projections on people and situations of the outer world or as inner fears and painful or intense emotions. From a human perspective Graha appear to feed on our awareness and keep it strictly confined to the illusion of a separated reality.

In Sanskrit  Grah and Graha mean to seize, grasp and that who seizes respectively. In traditional Hinduism this term is employed to describe various intrusions, demons or malefic spirits that enter inside their victims causing pain and misfortune. They were born of the anger of Shiva or Rudra, and are regarded as the "markers of influence" pointing out the karmic influence on the behaviour of human beings. Graha is also the Sanskrit word for “planets”, which, according to Hindu Astrology, grasp or influence human life in positive or negative ways. Here the Navagraha are the nine chief planets or celestial beings: Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), and Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node).

These nine grahas are living energies and transmitters of multidimensional archetypal force. They release waves of energy that strongly affect our awareness when we come under their influence. 

“The tremendous energetic waves of the nine grahas can strongly affect our own thought waves, and the divine law is ‘as we think, so we become’. Thus, to properly perform yoga and enter into deeper meditation, the ancient sages wanted to learn to control the effects of these grahas in their lives. They embarked on the study of astrology and made discoveries of how various combinations of grahas had certain results in the lives of people. They established remedies to help counteract these results when the predicted results were non-desirable. Astrology is one of the branches of meditative arts as this tool can help one ‘control the thought-waves of the mind’.[i]

The notion of Graha is typical of all ancient cultures and religions, where the worship of the Sun (as main Graha), as well as the Moon and other planets, is common both through references to the astronomical Sun or planets and to their corresponding solar deities (Ra, Horus, Helios, Apollo, Mithra and also Jesus Christ) or planetary gods.

Graha 6.6
Another analogous word for Graha is Demon (from the Greek daimon: spirit, deity), who in Christian terms is usually understood as fallen angel, while in Gnosticism has similarities with the Archon and in most shamanic traditions is associated to various categories of predatory beings, such as Carlos Castaneda’s flyers. Yet, in shamanic and esoteric contexts Demons are not necessarily malefic, and often serve as precious spirit helpers or allies, sometimes representing intimate parts of one’s soul. The latter category is superbly portrayed as physical dæmons, the manifestation of a person's soul, in Philip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials.

In astroshamanism Graha, when they express as grievances, are regarded as waste material, a sort of multidimensional compost, which appears to represent a key substance for power and creation in the universe both at dense and subtle levels. When they are consciously directed to a luminous Intent they contribute to the undoing of the illusion of separation and the perception of the reality of unity. If this is not the case, they work as antagonistic forces supporting the hallucination of separation, blocking the expansion of consciousness and the connection with our true multidimensional nature. 

The transformation of Graha into fruitful compost strategically takes place when they are released into the Sacred Cone (which is a tactic tool aimed at forgiveness and de-manifestation of separation). This allows Graha to be adressed to those dimensions (such as the epic Handor and Rodnah) which can use them productively.

Graha are also considered as shamanic forms associated with shadow sides that do not allow access to key strategic operative areas so as to avoid causing damage to ourselves and others. Therefore Graha hinder the development of our powers until we find clarity about our luminous Intent and are willing to disengage from the illusion of separation.

In astroshamanism there are various categories of Graha. Essentially they are divided according to the traditional scheme of Sadoha (Spirit Guides) and Paheka (Totem Spirits), which you find illustrated in most astroshamanic literature. This means that there are Graha for each Sector and World. The 12 Sectors represent the complete range of awareness in human beings as described by the strategic potential DNA structure of 12 helices. 

Due to a strategic block, astroshamanically defined as the Pahekarubhe,[ii] human beings are limited to a binary helix system. In this polarity of helices, one is generally acknowledged as part of the subject’s ego identity, whereas the other is projected on the ego identity of another subject. The latter identity is part of our awareness, yet we tend to consider it as separated from our identity and cast it upon an object that we perceive as not being us. 

There does not seem to be any possibility of moving further into the development of human awareness until we decide to uncover and integrate the hidden awareness of the other polarity. In astroshamanic work this split part is called Mahagraha, or Grey Demon, and the purpose is to retrieve and transform it into a fully integrated part of our being.

Mahagraha appears to gradually take form and develop from the time of birth up to the age of six or seven years. During this time the ego illusion of separation is assimilated and built into the ordinary mind. There, in order to survive, the ego needs a counterbalancing device: that is Mahagraha, which can also be defined as the ego’s double. Its existence is essential for the ego as it contains all the energies that the ego represses, separates from and refuses to acknowledge as part of itself, no matter whether they are good or bad. It is the primal device of separation and as such is a basic source of embarrassment for the ordinary ego which does its best to keep its nature as unconscious as possible. 

Each human being lives in constant and close relationship with Mahagraha, although awareness about its nature is seldom present. Mahagraha expresses itself both in the inner life (through dreams, visions, emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc.) and in the outer life. In this latter case it is projected on people with whom we have close relationships (like partners, consorts, lovers, relatives, mates, etc.) and on friends, neighbours, strangers met by chance and, due to the influence of mass media, also on politicians, actors, musicians, etc. 

The major arena of Mahagraha’s projections is generally in the field of partnerships and intimate relationships. There one partner lives out the Mahagraha of the other and vice versa. This process draws a cyclic combination of attraction and repulsion, which is one of the ego’s favourite policies for the preservation of its painful existence. When two individuals consciously agree to take back the mutual projections of their Mahagraha and commit to co-operatively work with their Spirit Guide, then we have a sacred relationship.

Graha 7.7
Astrologically Mahagraha corresponds mainly to Sector 7 (Seventh House). This means that the characteristic of Mahagraha can be broadly described by turning the natal chart upside-down: your Descendant (cusp of the Seventh House) becomes its Ascendant, your Midheaven its Imum Coeli, etc. Your own astrological chart therefore provides all the rough basic information on your partners, as you perceive them, without the need of studying their own charts. In a woman’s chart Mahagraha can also be identified by the position of Mars, whereas in a man’s chart it can be associated with the position of Venus.

Here I would like to quote my understanding of one of the early guidance I received on the topic from my Guide. 

Mahagraha is a separated and fragmented part that is both projected on your outer and inner environment, or inwardly repressed. Mahagraha is humanly perceived as the expression of the energies of various Sectors depending on specific factors (such as the cycle of the day, lunar month, solar year, etc.). As you allow the energy of Mahagraha to be drawn by the Totem Spirit to whom it refers, you can uncover its ways of operating. When you consciously face Mahagraha you show your willingness to apply your Function. Mahagraha constitutes the basic supplier of energy for the Sacred Cone. By relating with it you become aware of the grievances which have been accumulated and are ready to be released. Please be aware that a grievance is not necessarily something that you perceive as bad. Graha or grievances are whatever supports the illusion of separation. This means that if you see something beautiful, loving, joyful or ecstatic outside of you and experience yourself as separated from that, well, that is a grievance. Whenever there is the experience of separation, Graha are at work. The ego thrives on separation. Every time you project any part of the Spirit Circle on something outside and separate yourself from it, that is a grievance.

The work with Mahagraha consists in allowing all that you have separated from to come back to the original Totem Spirit in the Spirit Circle and then to you. There are two main categories of Graha which can be defined as Magraha and Hagraha. The former are generally perceived as bad or low, while the latter are seen as good or high. Magraha are disposed of through the higher channel of the Sacred Cone leading to Handor, whereas Hagraha are released into the lower channel that descends into Rodnah. [...]

A practical way to operate the Sacred Cone and relate with Mahagraha is that of reviewing both your time of ordinary and non-ordinary awareness. Before going to sleep, after having connected with me, you can call Mahagraha and ask it to show you all the grievances accumulated through the day. Then you gradually review all the people and situations you have separated from during the day. For example, if you met a person and perceived them as being a most loving being, full of wonderful qualities, abundant with joy, etc., and consider that as separated from you, comparing yourself with it, feeling that you are not like it and so on, this is part of the Hagraha. 

Graha 11.7
The work to do is to allow the qualities of that person to come back to the basic Totem Spirit and then to you, me, the Earth, the Lower World and Rodnah. If, on the contrary, you see somebody as a hateful person, full of negative qualities or in a state of anger, despair, etc., and regard it as separated from you, judging, making comparisons and so on, that is part of the Magraha. Here again you draw what you perceive in that person to the corresponding Totem Spirit, take it back, give it to me through the Sacred Cone and then to the Sky, the Higher World and Handor. 

Do this work with me. Do not operate alone as this can be overwhelming. When we operate daily in this way, Mahagraha is inevitably being cleansed and healed. In the early morning or upon waking up, you can apply the same procedure and work on the content of your dreams. Do this twice a day and whenever it is needed. You do not need to be aware of the detailed technical functioning of this work. What counts is that you give your consent for release to take place. If you firmly state that you are available to let go of all that transits through your system, the work is going to proceed. Another way of carrying out the above may be through dance, movements, body postures and intense physical expressions. 

Connect with me and see what is most appropriate according to circumstances. Regular practices are important as they train you to experience a pattern which will then become spontaneous and part of your life at all times. Releasing is indeed as natural as breathing. Then you acknowledge your involvement with the Game Resolution in all moments and acts of your life. [...]

Please be aware that the main operational field of the work with Mahagraha is within your Spirit Circle. The world outside gives you the opportunity to monitor Mahagraha. It is a screen where ultimate symbolic manifestations are reproduced. As such it is just the projection of more significant strata that exist somewhere else. Please always remember to be playful and compassionate in the outside world and to do your real work in the inner world. Be a demonstrator outside. If you relate with an outer physical partner, see them as a sacred representation of Mahagraha, and regularly heal your perception. Be joyfully grateful to such partners as they mirror and indicate the operational contents of your Function. 

The whole illusion of separation is going to demanifest so that the ultimate meeting between Handor and Rodnah can take place. It is a triumphant meeting between two cosmic lovers. And as you heroically move along your path, you become the divine craftsman of this reunion. You dwell in the gap between two cosmic lovers. You are joyfully bound to disappear and melt in the ecstasy of their ultimate encounter. This means that you are truly going to be visible forever and ever”.

© Franco Santoro, Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, Forres IV36 2RD, UK,

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[ii] See Chapter 2, note 7.

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